Utah Ketamine Infusion – PTSD And Depression/Anxiety Safe Treatment Launched

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Therapy Reset, at (385) 626-6027 in South Ogden, Utah, has launched safe and effective Ketamine infusions for residents of Utah to treat PTSD, depression, OCD, anxiety, and chronic pain conditions.

Therapy Reset, in South Ogden, UT, has launched Ketamine infusion treatments for the state of Utah. These infusions have been shown to help treat many forms of psychological and physical pain by effectively resetting the brain.

More information can be found at https://therapyreset.com

The Ketamine infusion treatments that have been launched are safe and have been found effective for treating PTSD, depression, chronic forms of pain, OCD, and anxiety. Ketamine has been used for over 50 years.

Ketamine was first introduced decades ago as an effective form of anesthesia and has been used continuously in children and adults since then. In recent years, it has been discovered that low doses repair damaged neural pathways.

Ketamine infusions open a treatment door for individuals who have tried everything to deal with chronic conditions that cause mental, physical, and emotional pain. Administered in a series of low-dose infusions, it is a safe treatment alternative.

The World Health Organization has put Ketamine on its list of essential medicines. Residents of Utah can find in-depth details about Ketamine here: https://therapyreset.com/ketamine-treatment-utah

The National Institute of Mental Health reports an over 85% success rate for patients feeling improvement from Ketamine infusions. Many patients report a decrease in symptoms within 24 hours.

Therapy Reset has over 40 years of combined experience in these infusion treatments. Infusions are administered in private rooms with comfortable lounge chairs. An infusion takes between 60-90 minutes. Vital signs are monitored throughout the process.

Patients are thoroughly prepared for and guided through their treatments by the team at Therapy Reset. They are also monitored afterward for any lingering side effects.

The staff at Therapy Reset performs a thorough medical evaluation, collaborates with primary care physicians, and performs symptom and diagnostic evaluations. Patients will typically have a series of six low-dose Ketamine infusions as part of their treatment.

Although most insurance plans do not cover Ketamine treatments, they are considered valid health savings account expenses. Patients can call or visit for a no-cost consultation.

Therapy Reset seeks to offer patients a compassionate, empathetic, gold standard of care and help them find relief and a restored quality of life. They offer special rates for military, first responders, and medical providers.

Location details and reviews can be found at https://goo.gl/maps/q8pSjuepkhj8dVxC7

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