Bloating Relief Probiotic – Weight Control/Healthy Digestion Supplement Launched

McMillion Mercantile LLC, an online health and wellness e-store and resource, is expanding its line of natural products to include weight reducing P3-OM probiotics.

E-comm health and wellness resource McMillion Mercantile LLC is expanding its product line to include Probiotic P3-OM, a powerful Proteolytic supplement that prevents belly bloat and resolves digestive issues by breaking down dietary proteins and eliminating bad bacteria in the gut.

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Studies show that probiotics promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria, leading to weight loss, better digestive health, and stronger immune systems. With the new addition of Probiotic P3-OM to its line of health and wellness products, online vendor McMillion Mercantile is providing customers with the preventive products they need to maintain a fit and happy lifestyle.

The human gut is home to over 100 trillion bacteria, known as gut flora. Healthy gut flora is crucial for overall wellness. When gut flora contains too many harmful bacteria, the imbalance leads to weight gain, inflammation, and serious digestive problems. Probiotic P3-OM keeps gut flora healthy and abundant.

Probiotic P3-OM is an all-in-one health solution that prevents bloat and absorbs nutrients to improve immunity and mental clarity and enhance overall feelings of good health and happiness.

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that on average, subjects who were supplemented with probiotics lost an extra four pounds of weight over 12 weeks without increasing exercise or cutting down on calories.

In a separate study conducted a Laval University in Quebec, 125 obese men and women were placed on a 3-month weight loss program. The first group followed the diet plan without supplementing with probiotics. The second group received daily probiotic supplements. At the end of the study the group of participants taking probiotics lost twice as much weight on average.

P3-OM is a high-quality probiotic that uses a patented process to increase L. Plantarum, a strain of one of the most powerful proteolytic probiotics available.

The strain is shown to eliminate bad gut bacteria and break down proteins to reverse slow metabolisms. Once it has been introduced to food in the stomach, the P3-OM probiotic count doubles every 20 minutes to produce optimal health outcomes.

With the addition of P3-OM to the McMillion Mercantile online e-store, those struggling to lose weight and manage digestive difficulties now have a powerful, health enhancing solution in a once daily dietary supplement.

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