BleuPage Ultimate Kimberly Hash de Vries Social Media Marketing Tool Launched

Kimberly Hash de Vries has launched a new marketing tool called BleuPage Ultimate. It has been designed to make it easier than ever before for companies sin any niche to sell products and services using social media marketing.

A new marketing tool has been launched by Kimberly Hash de Vries, called BleuPage Ultimate, which has been designed from the ground up to offer free traffic for customers. Using the power of social media accounts, the software has a range of user friendly features to drive traffic, get more leads, and increase sales.

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The site explains that BleuPage is a one click social media publisher, designed to integrate all the user’s accounts and manage all of them from one app. This offers peace of mind, security, and ease of use, and helps to make it easier to manage social media marketing campaigns.

Through using BleuPage Ultimate, companies in any niche can engage with their audience in new ways. It allows them to promote products and services across all their social media platforms with ease.

Users can grab content from verified blog feeds and repost across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus with BleuPage Contents Fetcher. They can also fully automate their content curation and activate auto content posting with total automation.

This means that even business owners without any social media marketing experience can benefit from using the tool. Every post can be uploaded to every social media channel at once using the mass uploaded.

Through marketing in this way, site owners can reach a larger audience than ever before. They can go on to publish content across all their social media channels with a single click using the one click publisher.

Further, the software allows them to integrate their favorite online selling platforms to boost their sales. From there, businesses can monitor all of their scheduled posts with the integrated calendar, and add auto responders to boost engagement.

BleuPage Ultimate is a hugely powerful tool that can help companies in any niche to take their marketing strategies to the next level. Full details are available on the URL above, with additional details provided at:

Release ID: 290378