Blackout Power Outage Survival Guide Released On How To Survive An EMP Attack

EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) attack and power outage blackout survival guide video and reports have been issued by family survival information site after investigating Fox News reports on EMP attack threats. it is available at

Houston, Texas – A power outage blackout and EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) attack survival guide report and free video has been released by family survival information site, After seeing several Fox News reports on the disaster treat and impacts of an EMP power blackout attack the company investigated the best ways on how to survive an EMP attack. After extensive research the site located an in-depth EMP disaster family survival guide that offers survival plans for both an EMP attack and a simply power outage.

The report discusses how being prepared for EMP attack disaster provides family survival coverage for virtually any type of disaster. This is due to the fact that a long term power outage blackout is one of the toughest survival situations that someone will face. An EMP attack creates a “domino effect” that can trigger multiple disasters at the same time. These include food shortage, economic collapse and mass pandemics. The complete guide covers home and family survival techniques for all of these disasters.

The EMP attack survival report explores survival secrets that few preppers, survival experts or even people from the military know. How to protect cars, family, and homes from an EMP attacks have mostly been keep hushed up in the mainstream media. In response to the believed heightened threat of an EMP attack. The site has released their research on how to survive an EMP attack. This report includes family and home protection, food storage, survival water and an EMP attack preparedness checklist guide.

The electromagnetic pulse attack disaster survival guide includes ways to protect homes, cars and essential devices from an EMP strike disaster. Survival food storage, access to water and how to preserve medicine that needs to remain at cool temperatures are included.

The complete video and free report can be seen at:

The family survival information site’s release of the report has been covered in the news. The media coverage on the how to survive and EMP attack report can be seen here.

A blackout power outage survival guide video presenting an overview of what the report covers has also been released. This can be seen on Youtube at:

All the signs show that there are many countries and terrorist organizations who are scheming to launch a devastating attack with a terrifying technology. An EMP attack represents a way to literally win the war with just one shot, leaving nations on their knees. An EMP strike disaster is believed to be a threat bigger than Russia, China, and North Korea combined. The report discusses how most people don’t even realize the treat and how to prepare. The facts around how even true patriots who are prepared for natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and social meltdown may not know what to do when an EMP strike hits is examined in the report.

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