Blackjack Bail Bonds is Pleased To Announce New Location in Decatur, TX

Clint Craft of Blackjack Bail Bonds offers reliable and responsive bail bonds services 24/7. The fees are among the most competitive in the State.

Blackjack Bail Bonds and Clint Craft are pleased to announce the launch of their new office located in Decatur, Texas. The office location is at 1451 W Business 380 I6 and it can be reached by phone seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The company is the leading bond firm throughout all of North Central Texas. The company responds quickly to facilitate the release of a friend or loved one who is incarcerated.

Serving both Decatur and Wise County, the firm will post bonds of any size up to $7 million. The company is also available to help clients throughout the entire legal process, not just ensure the release from jail. The legal system can be complicated and even confusing to those who do not have a legal degree. Legal terminology is difficult to understand, and most first time defendants are uncertain about the activities associated with the initial court appearance, sentencing or probation. Clients of Blackjack Bail Bonds are invited to request advice from an informed bail industry professional.

Bonds are available for misdemeanors, felonies as well as DWI bail. The firm can also assist in arrangements for warrants lifted, traffic tickets and probation violation fees and charges. The pricing is competitive and payment plans can be arranged in many instances. A consultation with the firm is free and confidential. In most instances, the fees are less than 10 percent.

Blackjack Bail Bonds can also assist clients with cash only bail bonds, credit card bail bonds and no collateral bail bonds. The firm has many different options available to help loved ones or friends get out of jail on bonds quickly, confidentially and affordably.

Owner Clint Craft is a member of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas and has been operating Blackjack since 1999. Clients who are out on bail can communicate with the company using the new free app.

Learn more about the company, its services and check out Blackjack Bail Bonds reviews here. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Clint Craft at the location provided below.

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