Blackboard Sticker Pack Self Adhesive Vinyl & Dishwasher Safe Announced

Coloreart presents their vinyl chalkboard stickers for sorting and labeling. The stickers come in a pack of 48, in four different shapes. The stickers are dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe.. They also leave no mark or mess on the applied surface.

Coloreart announces their pack of of 48 vinyl chalk labels in four different shapes. These labels work well with regular chalk and also with neon dry erase markers. The chalk stickers can be stuck on smooth surfaces, peeled off and reused many times.

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Labeling small objects such as bottles, cans and small containers is often an difficult task. This is because the smaller surface makes it difficult to stick labels on. Paper labels also once written on cannot be reused and must be removed and replaced.

The Coloreart vinyl chalk labels have an extra strong self adhesive at the back making them easy to stick on various services such as glass bottles, plastic containers, mason jars, bakery boxes and any other storage containers. They are also very easy to peel off and leave no marks or residue on the surface.

The black surface provides for high visibility when used with even plain white chalk or any colored chalk. The blackboard sticker can be used with regular chalk sticks or liquid chalk. Cleaning the sticker only requires wiping it off with a damp cloth.

The chalkboard stickers are very versatile and can be put to a wide variety of practical uses. Office cabinets and cupboards can be easily organized and neatly labeled with the stickers. Kitchen and pantry cabinets can have labels on the doors and also labels on individual containers and bottles. They are dishwasher freezer and refrigerator safe and do not emit any odor.

Wine cellars and wardrobes can become efficient storage spaces when everything is neatly labeled and organized. They can also be put to creative uses such as to form placeholders at dinner parties. The labels come in four different, elegant and practical shapes. The sticker decals make great gifts for a newly married couple or for anyone who is known to be organized and efficient. For more information visit the link given above.

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