Black Spruce Essential Oil For Immune System Respiratory Congestion Recipe Guide

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New guide released about Black Spruce essential oil from certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane. She is dedicated to seeing aromatherapy users get the best experience out of oils to enrich their lives.

Essential oil guide focused on black spruce essential oil with intrinsic details on product uses and benefits. Black spruce oil is held in high regard for the many advantages that it offers. Aside from its ability to improve its users’ immunity, the product also functions as an energy booster and aids in breathing. This is just a tip of what is contained in this guide, as Jennifer Lane, a Certified Aromatherapist has used her deep aromatherapy knowledge to give quality insight into the best way to use this product.

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The guide launches into the basic characteristics of Black Spruce oil. It categorically states that the black spruce essential oil is extracted from the spruce black, a conifer tree. It notes that the oil from this tree is loaded with numerous gains and therapeutic properties.

In a practical sense, the guide goes over how to use black spruce for health and wellness. In this regard, the ailments include cough, stuffy sinuses, allergies etc. It goes a step further and gives relevant facts about the oil, such as the botanical name, Picea mariana and the shelf life, which is 3 to 4 years.

As with most essential oils, black spruce can be blended with other essential oils for maximum effect. In this case, it can blend with other conifer essential oils such as pine, juniper, and cypress and also blend with non-conifer essential oils like lemon, peppermint, rosemary, sweet orange, etc.

The benefits of black spruce essential oil are explained in more detail later in the guide. Readers are familiarized with the numerous upsides to using this oil, with the gains ranging from joint inflammation relief to stimulation of mental clarity and focus.

For interested readers prepared to become buyers, the guide makes this transition easy and lists reliable sources from where this product can be purchased from.

The guide has a hefty section dedicated to the black spruce essential oil recipes. Among the top tier, listings are the black spruce diffuser recipe – Woodsy Breeze. The ingredients include one drop of peppermint essential oil, four drops of black spruce essential oil, and three drops of pine essential oil. The instructions are easy to follow as it simply requires that all the oils be added into the diffuser alongside the recommended amount of water. After this, the diffuser can be turned on, and the user begins to experience the aroma.

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