Black Seed Essential Oils Benefits Peer Reviewed Research Uses Site Launched

A new website has been launched by Platinum Essential Oils. Their new site is aimed at those who want to learn more about the natural benefits of aromatherapy in their daily lives.

Platinum Essential Oils have announced the launch of their new site. They offer advice on the best ways to use essential oils for a natural and healthy lifestyle free of chemicals.

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Platinum Essential Oils is an online resource offering advice, tips and recipes on the use of essential oils. The team behind the site explains that it is their goal to take their visitors on a journey exploring the wonderful world of essential oils and to help them understand how they have been used since ancient times.

Essential oils are oils that contain powerful chemical compounds derived from planets. these volatile oils contain the ‘essence’ of the plant and are extracted using distillation processes.

There are many uses for essential oils and are in perfumes, soaps, flavorings, cosmetics, medicines, household products and incense. One of the most popular uses is in aromatherapy, which has been a healing art for centuries.

Platinum Essential Oils latest article is on black seed oil. The article explains that while black seed oil is one of the lesser known oils it’s benefits have been much studied and well documented in peer reviewed research articles.

Black seed oil is derived from the black cumin seed and is a potent oil. It’s many documented benefits include its effectiveness against mold, fungus and yeast and it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These make it ideal for helping conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Diluted in a carrier oil such as olive or almond, it is also an effective beauty treatment for the face. It contains fatty acids and vitamins which can be beneficial to the skin and may help to improve the appearance of wrinkles and scars.It is also beneficial to the scalp in preventing dryness and dandruff.

Those wishing to find out more about Platinum Essential Oils and their new site can visit the website on the link provided above.

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