BizInsure Helps Videographers and Consultants Insure Against Losses

Given the nature of their jobs, many videographers or consultants often carry upwards of $1,000,000 or more of insurance coverage to protect them against legal fees and lawsuits.

According to Wedding Industry Law, there are several instances in which videographers can, and will be sued by their clients: an unhappy bride, pirated content, a videographer or their staff who are completely off base with a project, or miscommunications leading to failure to meet client expectations. These lawsuits can lead to financial damages in excess of tens of thousands of dollars, or more. As a result, many videographers or consultants often carry upwards of $1,000,000 or more of insurance coverage to protect them against such litigation.

The success of a customer and their event rests in the hands of the contracted provider. If a Videographer or Consultant fails to live up to what is outlined in their contract, or if the customer feels they did not live up to the contract, they run the risk of being sued. This requires Videographers and consultants to carry specific types of insurance coverages to protect their business and personal assets. BizInsure understands these risks and provides a platform to help with understanding the options available.

Insurance options such as professional liability coverage and general liability coverage are essential to protect these companies in the event of a lawsuit. Professional liability coverage is also known as errors and omissions insurance. This coverage helps provide protection if a provider is sued as a result of his or her work, like not living up to what is outlined in the contract. General liability coverage will help protect the company for damages caused by physical damage or personal injury that can arise from normal operations, like damaging a customer’s property or if a customer trips on videographer’s equipment.

BizInsure allows business owners to shop online for the most appropriate business insurance to fit their needs. The business owner can go to BizInsure and compare the rates and coverage of several insurance companies competing for their business. Then, the business owner can make his or her decision through BizInsure and obtain insurance quickly and easily.

“At BizInsure we are always looking at ways to make insurance convenient and an all-round excellence experience for our potential clients. Our seamless online system is there to empower Videographers and Consultants with the online tools they need to arrange and take out their professional liability insurance in a matter of minutes.” -Paul Yurkov, VP of Technology at BizInsure.

BizInsure is a unique way in which videographers and consultants can find the most appropriate insurance to fit their business needs. By allowing business owners to shop around without going to numerous sites or calling numerous companies, business owners find the most appropriate coverage to protect their businesses.

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BizInsure is the leading insuretech company based in California. Starting in Australia back in 2008 as BizCover, the brand expanded its wings to the shores of USA in 2012 launching as BizInsure. Bringing new game changer experience to the online insurance platform for small businesses, BizInsure is fiercely committed to delivering competitive, transparent pricing and hassle-free insurance services.

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