Bitspawn Officially Launches Closed Beta for Esports Advancement Platform (EAP)

Bitspawn, an Esports software solutions and infrastructure company that empowers player independence in the Esports community. Bitspawn enables advertisers, players, sponsors, and organizers to connect securely.

Toronto, Canada – Bitspawn, a premier online Esports platform, officially launched Closed Beta. Players, advertisers, sponsors, and organizers in the Esports ecosystem can utilize the platform and enhance their Esports experience. Bitspawn EAP is “user-focused” and “community-driven.”

Bitspawn’s mission makes premier esports experiences accessible to competitive players and gives them equal opportunity to compete. The online platform addresses the disconnect between multiple disciplines involved in the esports ecosystem. Bitspawn enables collaboration and communication between players, sponsors, and advertisers. Bitspawn helps gamers build their personal brand.

Along with improving community control, Bitspawn protects the rights of all Esports participants. Bitspawn offers a secure way for players to earn money. Players can compete in or create their own tournaments. Winnings are immediately accessible on Bitspawn. All transactions on the Bitspawn EAP are secure and easy to track.

Bitspawn empowers players and recognizes networking creation opportunities. With global rankings, Bitspawn identifies rising talents on the EAP and connects them to sponsors and advertisers. Bitspawn values transparency and interconnections within the esports community. Community building features of the EAP will be implemented in Q3 2020.

The core values of Bitspawn have been selected on the basis of providing a solution to issues associated with the unprotected rights of esports participants, fixing esports’ broken business model (fragmented ecosystem creates complexity, friction and misalignment between involved parties), and esports’ increasingly polarized ecosystem.

With the official launch of the Closed Beta EAP, Bitspawn will empower Esports participants to achieve their goals and foster better connections within the ecosystem. The future of Esports and online-gaming lies in greater accessibility and communication. Bitspawn is well-positioned within the industry to provide cutting-edge solutions. The EAP is launching via WebApp and accessible through Closed Beta sign-up. Updates for the EAP will be frequent in 2020.

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Release ID: 88953349