Bitcoin Modern-Day Gold Rush Investment Company Launch Currency Information Site

Bitcoin New Gold Rush, a Bitcoin investment company, based in Orlando, Florida, has launched a Bitcoin awareness site the defines what Bitcoin is and how to invest in this unique currency wisely.

With Bitcoin prices skyrocketing and few people understanding what this investment opportunity is, Bitcoin New Gold Rush, a Bitcoin investment company based in Orlando, Florida, have launched a Bitcoin currency information website. This informative website introduces users to the world of Bitcoin, how to become an investor and the potential rewards.

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Recently launched, the Bitcoin New Gold Rush website firstly introduces users to the modern-day gold rush. Known as the digital currency for the digital age, Bitcoin is a technology compatible currency that will see checks and debit and credit cards become items from the past.

A simple and secure pay system, Bitcoin means that payments are instant and safe online without the need of a third party. Users simply use an iPhone or computer to make a payment with little or no transaction fee.

Filled with videos and other interactive information, the Bitcoin website defines Bitcoin terminology such as a blockchain and Bitcoin wallet, before showing users how to start investing with Bitcoin. The site also looks at opportunities and how users can make the most of these.

In 2009, Kristopher Koch invested $27 to buy 5,000 Bitcoins. Forgetting about this investment until recent media coverage of the currency, Koch discovered that the initial investment is now worth over $6 million dollars.

According to a spokesperson for Bitcoin New Gold Rush, “The price of gold is about the same value as last year and is predicted to remain about the same next year. Over time gold has been a very worthwhile investment, and everyone should own some, but I don’t know of anything that has had a run like Bitcoin. Online commerce, mobile phones and tech savvy milennials make Bitcoin a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

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