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The Bitcoin Echo Chamber podcast that cuts through all the noise and confusion surrounding Bitcoin. Straight to the source learning from people who live n' breathe Bitcoin & all of its intricacies.

Two years into his dedicated journey to understand Bitcoin, one man looks to be making that process a little bit easier for the rest of us.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard all the buzz about Bitcoin lately.

While some may have originally dismissed it as this generations beanie babies, it is starting to appear as if Bitcoin might be here to stay. Even trying to understand how Bitcoin works, much less, why you should care about it, can be a daunting task.

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“It started with an interest in finance…but once I really sunk my teeth into understanding the economics and code of Bitcoin I was hooked. This technology is going to change the world!”

Collin Hac, the reserved, yet thoughtful host of “The Bitcoin Echo Chamber” podcast has made it his mission to help the average person out there better understand the nuance of this new digital world.

“When I first got into Bitcoin, there was an awful lot of misinformation to sort through. I figured, what better way to help introduce people to this radical new paradigm than bringing some incredibly smart people onto my podcast, and asking them important questions to help learn.”

And apparently there is no better way. Since launching onto the scene in early 2019, the Bitcoin Echo Chamber has exploded in viewership, with a new show every week and an incredible array of guests from all over the world, the formula seems to be working.

When asked why he thinks his show seems to resonate with people Collin responded…

“I think it’s so important that everyone takes the time to understand how much Bitcoin will change the world. People get a glimpse of how this thing works and it sparks something beautiful in your imagination. That’s why I did this, you know, I was captivated. But now I’m just learning so much I don’t want to stop.”

The Meat and Potatoes of Podcasting with Brilliant Minds.

In one of his recent episodes, (Episode 14, titled “Bitcoin Spectrum”) Collin and his guest Ben Prentice spend about an hour explaining many of the complex topics that go into getting a grasp on this new technology.

It takes brilliant thinkers like Ben Prentice, who could easily be described as a modern day renaissance man, to help break down this topic into more digestible chunks. Distributed systems, global finance, macro-economics, cryptography, geopolitics, open source software, gold, and money…just to name a few.

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“There is so much to digest here…it’s impossible to expect to understand this thing after a couple of youtube videos or a book. It really takes a lot of time that most people don’t have…”

This is where the podcast comes in handy.

For many of us, we still may be a ways off from really understanding exactly what Bitcoin is, but it’s hard not to be drawn in by the passion of people like Collin, for what he says “will make the world a more free and prosperous place for everyone”.

For now, we will just have to keep listening.

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