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The easiest book on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies ever written. A primer for complete beginners presented in the style of a children's book for grownups.

Get in on the Bitcoin/ Crypto Phenomenon. This Book, ONE COIN. TWO COIN. WHAT COIN? BITCOIN is an Easy Primer for the Beginner.

When the Bitcoin train is speeding up faster than ever, the time to jump onboard is fleeting. One Coin. Two Coin. What Coin? Bitcoin breathes all of the fun of a Dr. Seuss classic into some of the hottest topics today: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

A YouGov poll found that 69% of Americans agreed with the statement, “I don’t understand cryptocurrency.” And this book is the answer.

Co-authored by Dan Hollings (CEO of the crypto course platform The Plan), Daniel Hall (Wall Street Journal best-selling author), Elaine Wilkes (Hay House author), and featuring the illustrations from The New Yorker magazine, cartoonist Lisa Rothstein.

The book is 100+ pages of the FUNdamentals of crypto, written in the style of a children’s book, but specifically for adults. While the book may seem at first most poised to take a lighthearted approach, instead, it’s a rich and comprehensive overview of all the information one needs to get started in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

What’s most notable is amid all the rhyming and bright, flashy colors, the authors have managed never to talk down to their audience. Although lovingly created as a homage to the unmistakable style of Dr. Seuss, the book is nevertheless respectful of those who have chosen to learn. From its first pages, covering “The Basics,” to its presentation of key resources for those who would like to go further, it takes on the role of a gentle teacher.

For anyone who has avoided cryptocurrency for fear of embarrassment or anxiety, this book will be a welcome reassurance – it’s never too late to start.

One Coin. Two Coin. What Coin? Bitcoin is available now on Amazon in a paperback and on Kindle as an e-book. Buy your copy at before crypto prices shoot off once again into the stratosphere!

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