Biruni Black Ginger Mitochondrial Producing Amino Acid Best Supplement Launched

Online health foods store Biruni Health Care announces its FDA approved, USM derived Black Ginger. Biruni Black Ginger is a natural supplement that helps enhance the immune system and improves general health.

Biruni Health Care, an online health foods store, has announced the release of their FDA certified Black Ginger well-being supplement. The company focuses supplies naturally occurring, immune system enhancing products that can increase health, energy, and performance.

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With reports showing the growing concerns over physical health and decreased ability to travel, the company’s latest announcement offers a natural and accessible health supplement capable of increasing resistance to disease by increasing mitochondrial production throughout the body.

Originating in Thailand and remote regions of Asia, Bruni Health Care’s superfood supplement aims to provide access to those seeking to improve their health and well-being. Biruni Black Ginger can help increase energy, performance and well-being. Biruni Black Ginger also acts as a natural phosphodiesterase inhibitor increasing blood flow to sensitive regions of the body. This helps to increase libido and personal performance.

The ginger, traditionally used as an effective Thai herbal medicine is now available as a supplement to users around the world.

Developed by researchers at the University of Science, Malaysia, Biruni Health Care employs cutting edge production methods and stringent scientific processes to take this rare and remotely cultivated herb and isolate its beneficial health-promoting properties. The product is safe and carries full FDA approval.

Compared to its relative, black ginger has a more subtle taste, and while both have health-promoting properties, differences exist. Rich in amino acids, this ATP increasing root can reduce susceptibility to disease and illness and make a difference in everyday life. “I’m more energetic and stronger during my workout,” says bodybuilder Jimmy. “I don’t tire easily and sleep well.”

Biruni Health Care also offer Kelulut Honey. Harvested from the rare Malaysian stingless Trigona Thoracica and Trigona Itama bees, this honey has antibacterial properties that can reduce inflammation and increase athletic performance. Other identified capabilities include increased blood sugar regulation and the strengthening of the immune system.

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