Birmingham Dentist Debunks Controversy Over Pediatric Dental Sealants

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Despite their controversial nature, Hurst Pediatric Dentistry recommends sealants for pediatric patients. For information:

Despite controversial issues surrounding the safety of dental sealants, Hurst Pediatric Dentistry recommends them for their pediatric dental patients. Dr. Joby Hurst, the owner of Hurst Pediatric Dentistry, often discusses what sealants are and how they are applied with parents who may be anxious about getting sealants for their children.

One of the most controversial matters about dental sealants is that of exposure to bisphenol A (or BPA). Parents can become concerned about exposure to BPA, causing them to doubt the benefits of having them applied to their children’s teeth. However, the risk of exposure is far outweighed by the benefits of preventing cavities and avoiding costly procedures to fill cavities in decayed teeth. Ultimately it is of huge benefit to patients to protect teeth from developing cavities over a long period of time.

Dr. Hurst makes a point of saying, “Sealants are as effective as the practitioner who places them. It is important that sealants are applied correctly.” He continues, “Otherwise, a child’s bite may become uneven. In this case, the dentist may need to smooth down the affected tooth or teeth to fix it. However, dental sealants, properly applied, are made to last a long time and should continue to be effective for years to come.”

Dental sealants are recommended to not only avoid the pain of dental decay in children’s teeth but also to save parents money by avoiding the cost of dental fillings. Although there is no substitute for good dental hygiene in terms of flossing, brushing, and rinsing with cavity-fighting mouthwash, dental sealants are a powerful option and are quickly becoming more popular with customers in the pediatric dentistry space.

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Hurst Pediatric Dentistry was established in 1994 by Dr. Joby Hurst. The company has been doing business for twenty-six years, and it has always aimed to provide quality dental care for its pediatric patients.

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