Birmingham Business Growth Development Consultant & Coach Updates 5Cs Approach

Based in Dorridge, England, Rachael Hurdman, a dynamic and thought-provoking business consultant, coach and director for Arch Inspire Consultancy and Coaching has re-released her 5Cs training model. Focusing on creation, clarity, change, culture and confidence, these 5Cs guide and facilitate change within an organization.

Rachael Hurdman, business consultant and coach, based in Dorridge near Solihull, England and director of Arch Inspire Limited has re-released her 5Cs training model – creation, clarity, change, culture and confidence – which typifies her approach when working with clients. As an accredited performance coach and an MBTI Step II practitioner, Hurdman, who has 18-years’ experience, focuses on business and personal growth, leadership coaching and mentoring, training and development and transitional change.

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Recently re-released, the 5Cs training model enables Hurdman to guide businesses and individuals in the right direction based on their own objectives. For instance, creation, the first of the 5Cs, enables a business or individual to create an overall vision of where they want to be and what they want to achieve. Clarity, the second of the 5Cs, guides a business or individual through the process giving them complete clarity of the objectives needed to achieve their vision.

Via her unique diagnostic approach, Hurdman dissects situations, challenges and roadblocks that confront businesses and individuals and stop them from moving forth. Using her integrity and nous, Hurdman maps out the impact of any proposed way forward for individuals, teams and organizations.

Hurdman’s flexible approach focuses on the needs of the individual or company she works with, and their overall dynamics. This strategy allows alignment of both personal and corporate objectives to give a personalized approach when operating across the coaching and consultancy platforms.

Over the last 18-years, Hurdman has coached and consulted at various levels within a variety of organizations. Plus, as an experienced project manager, she has lead a number of major development programs and designed a range of people and business growth initiatives.

When asked about the 5C’s approach, Justin Towlson, business development director for Aegon said, “Rachael’s ability to consider and challenge all aspects of a given situation demonstrates her broad intellect and desire to diagnose all relevant facts thoroughly. Her creative mindset provides solutions and outcomes that others fail to envisage. Working with Rachael is to work with a trusted business partner, an individual who supports all areas of the business and who demonstrates a positive and infectious attitude.”

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