Birmingham Audio and Video Expert Shares Their Home Theater System Design Tips

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Design your perfect Home theater setup with these tips and tricks from the experts in Birmingham, AL, and make the most out of the home movie-watching experience.

Are you looking to enhance your movie-watching experience with a home theater or perhaps looking to update your current media room?

Birmingham’s own innovative systems expert, Sphere Audio Video, wrote an article entitled ‘Get Cozy With The Best Home Theater Design.’ It discusses the elements to consider when designing your dream home theater, from what sound systems are best suited for your needs to identifying the best location of your home to have the luxury experience.

One statement the article brings up is the importance of audio or sound. Different sound systems and speakers function differently to let out different sound vibrations. The best example of this is found in the following extract:

‘If you just want a basic home-viewing movie experience, the speakers integrated into your TV are acceptable. But if you want a truly immersive audio experience, you’ll need to upgrade to a home theater system. Multiple speakers and surround sound capabilities are included in home theater systems, allowing you to hear movie soundtracks the way they were designed to be heard — with effects all around your room, enabling a realistic experience.’

Another point that Chris, CEO of Sphere Audio and Video, makes is the placements. The placement of speakers and sound systems and the monitors concerning lighting and angles. The angle from which the light hits the screen can glare or decrease your movie-watching experience.

‘If your room has windows, also check how the light is reaching the screen at different times of the day. Either this or look for impenetrable curtains that will transform your room into the darkest spot in your house. ‘

Sphere Audio Video now welcomes comments from readers of the article. In addition, anyone who has a specific question about home theater design and smart home automation systems can contact Sphere Audio Video via their website at

Those interested in reading more about automated home theater systems could read the full article at or the many other articles in their archive.

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