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Hurst Pediatric Dentistry (205-969-7454) has just released a dental care guide that focuses on the benefits of fluoride for children. The guide is suited for parents or guardians who wish to know how their child’s teeth can grow strong and resistant to decay.

The leading pediatric dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama, has launched the new guide as a reliable reference about the amount of fluoride that children can safely consume. The report lists the benefits and drawbacks of fluoride consumption from a dental health perspective.

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According to the CDC’s Division of Oral Health, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is linked to improved dental health in children and adults. Hurst Pediatric Dentistry’s guide gives parents and guardians useful information on how much fluoride their children should get and what health benefits they should expect.

Most children receive all the fluoride they need through a healthy diet, drinking community fluoridated water, and using fluoridated toothpaste. However, consuming more than the normal or recommended amount can cause abdominal pain, excessive salivation, nausea, seizures, and muscle spasms.

Pediatric dentist Dr. Joby Hurst explains how fluoride is optional but recommended for children. It can strengthen the enamel and prevent the formation of cavities. While taking too little fluoride can cause tooth decay in children, taking too much at such a young age can harm their teeth and leave them prone to dental fluorosis.

According to the guide, only a pediatric dentist can determine if a child requires more or less fluoride. Fluoride supplements, like oral pills, drops, or vitamins may be prescribed by the dentist.

Hurst Pediatric Dentistry recommends that proper fluoride dosage and adequate dental care can have a variety of health benefits including the reversal of tooth decay.

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