Birmingham AL Orthodontics Clear Ceramic Braces Teen & Adult Services Launched

Birmingham orthodontics center Brawley and Gilbert Orthodontics (+1-205-991-9545) launched cutting-edge ceramic braces and clear aligners for teenagers and adults looking to correct their dentition using the latest orthodontic devices. All services are provided by licensed and certified orthodontists for improved safety and efficiency.

Brawley and Gilbert Orthodontics, a professional orthodontic clinic based in Birmingham, Alabama, announced an updated range of services for clients interested in high-quality ceramic braces and clear aligners.

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Medical and technological advances have made orthodontic treatments increasingly effective in treating a variety of dental conditions, recent models being both more efficient and more discrete. While metal braces are still quite common, more and more people opt for clear aligners, a transparent orthodontic device that can be easily removed while eating, brushing or flossing.

Brawley and Gilbert Orthodontics has extensive experience providing clients in Birmingham and the surrounding area with licensed and certified orthodontic treatments.

The clinic has recently updated its services to provide cutting-edge ceramic braces and clear aligners, in an effort to offer the local community the latest innovations in orthodontic technology.

Clients can opt for ceramic braces designed specifically for each individual dental profile. Available for both teenagers and adults, these devices feature a clear elastic tie to secure the wires, making them more discrete than traditional metal braces.

Clear aligners are also available. These sets of aligners are custom made to fit the dental profile of each client, with a full treatment consisting of a series of sets to be replaced as needed.

Clear aligners have the important advantage of being completely transparent, making them an ideal option for clients interested in avoiding the aesthetic issues associated with metal braces. Furthermore, clear aligners are more convenient than other devices since they can be removed and re-inserted while eating, brushing and flossing, for a total maximum of two hours per day.

The recent service update is part of the clinic’s efforts to provide clients in Birmingham and the surrounding area with cutting-edge orthodontic solutions.

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