Birmingham AL Home Automation Smart Speakers Bulbs Security Cameras Launched

Based in Birmingham, AL, Sphere Audio Video launches their line of home automation systems and products, which include smart speakers, bulbs, locks, and security systems.

Commercial and residential AV systems provider Sphere Audio Video has launched their line of home automation solutions for clients in Birmingham, AL and beyond. The company has made it easy for clients to select the products they wish to use based on the processes and functions they wish to automate in their homes.

More information can be found in their home automation guide for newbies:

The newly launched collection contains everything that a homeowner needs to create a smart home, from speakers and light bulbs to locks and security cameras. Delivering the best features of smart home technologies, the products can be controlled via mobile phones or voice commands.

Smart speakers are some of the most popular home automation products today because they come with digital assistants that do not just control the sounds around the house, but also everything else that is connected to the system. For the company’s clients, this could mean having central control over the home’s thermostat, lighting, door locks, window shades, and security monitoring, among others.

For home lighting, Sphere Audio Video can also help homeowners achieve energy efficiency and automated control by installing smart bulbs. These modern lighting fixtures can be paired with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Cortana. The digital assistants allow homeowners to group bulbs together for central control and set-up of routines like dimming or switching off following the user’s voice commands.

The company may also install equally advanced technologies to improve home security. Smart locks come with a long list of innovative features, such as keyless entry, mobile phone pairing, one-time access codes, as well as automated locking and unlocking. Security cameras, meanwhile, can also be accessed remotely and allow homeowners to monitor activities in the house through their mobile phones.

Aside from home automation systems, Sphere Audio Video also offers design and installation services for home theaters, lighting control systems, security systems, media rooms, and boardrooms. Homeowners and property managers interested in the company’s products and services may visit their website at:

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