Biodegradable Puppy Pee Pads and Training Pads for Dogs Launched by Pogi’s

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Pogi's eco-Friendly pet essentials such as training pads, puppy pee pads, a range of plant-based grooming wipes and poop bags make it easier for pet owners to take care of their pets and the environment.

Pogi’s Earth-Friendly Training Pads are taking the lead with eco-friendly dog owners looking for an environmentally-friendly solution for potty training their pets.

The company claims to make one of the highest quality and most effective puppy pee pads on the market that are also kinder to the environment than traditional puppy pads. More details can be found at

The owners of Pogi’s Pet Supplies already offer a range of plant-based grooming wipes and poop bags and designed their plant-based puppy training pads to fit with their ethos. The pads are designed with an excellent absorption rate and durability to get dog owners comfortably through the potty training stage.

Additionally, pet owners with aging dogs or have dogs recovering from surgery or medical treatments can successfully use Pogi’s training pads where their dogs have limited mobility and are unable to access an outdoor area.

The pee pads come in medium, large and extra-large sizes to meet the needs of owners with breeds of all sizes. They are made using earth-friendly, natural certified sustainable pine material, and even the puppy pee pads packaging is plant-based to help eliminate plastic waste.

The company says that what also makes Pogi’s puppy pee pads unique is their use of a honey-based attractant to help guide the puppy to pee in the right spot. The pads have six layers of quilted fibres with an ultra-absorbent core that turns liquid into a harmless, environmentally-friendly gel upon contact, which prevents leaks and spills during clean-up time.

So far, customer feedback for Pogi’s plant-based training pads has been very good, with satisfied customers leaving positive comments, such as this five-star review left by Dwight on Amazon, “Our senior dog sometimes goes potty in the house if it’s super cold and snowing outside, and she also had a medical issue that caused accidents at times… so we invested in some of these potty pads. I wanted a more eco-friendly option. These work great and the adhesive sticks to the tile floor very well. One time she had quite a full bladder and the pad held all of it. I could feel the weight of it when I picked up the pad, but it didn’t seep through at all. They work great and are a more eco-friendly option. They don’t have a yucky chemical smell either.”

While there are lots of cheaper puppy training pads available on the market, most of these pads are of inferior construction, usually thinner, and use materials that are not eco-friendly, which makes them increasingly unappealing to environmentally-conscious pet owners.

Pogi’s Pet Supplies knows that while dog owners don’t want to clean up wet messes every day and want to protect their flooring or carpet, they also want to protect their environment. By using a higher-quality product with natural, sustainable materials, such as their puppy training pads, they can achieve both. For more information visit:

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