Biodegradable Charcoal-Infused Bamboo Floss – Vegan Oral Hygiene Product Launch

Scoop Marketplace (+1-206-339-1383) has launched a new plastic-free dental floss made from charcoal-infused bamboo. It’s designed to provide customers with a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional nylon floss.

By offering the new oral hygiene product, the store helps customers reduce their impact on the environment. Unlike nylon floss or the plastic, harp-style handles found on most flossing products, the plant-based bamboo option is naturally low impact.

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Plastic waste has become one of the biggest environmental concerns of the generation, with experts stating that 300 million tons of waste get produced every year. Scoop Marketplace empowers customers to tackle the issue at an individual level by offering zero-waste products, including the new floss and jar kit.

The charcoal-infused flossing product is vegan-friendly, non-toxic, and free from BPA. Every element of the product and packaging is biodegradable, so customers can buy with a clear conscience knowing that they are reducing waste through their purchase.

Flossing is a daily habit encouraged by dentists around the world as studies show it’s an essential part of keeping teeth and gums healthy. However, the reliance on plastics and nylon has become an environmental issue — and Scoop Marketplace is now providing a direct solution.

By using the organic bamboo floss, customers can maintain the benefits of the habit with added peace of mind. The floss can be used in the same way as traditional nylon and has a natural mint flavor. For ease of use, it’s also coated in a natural plant-derived wax.

About Scoop Marketplace

Scoop Marketplace is dedicated to showcasing the benefits of zero-waste grocery shopping, and its first store originated in Seattle, Washington. Now, they are expanding with a view to providing more customers with package-free groceries, planet-friendly lifestyle items, and more.

All the homeware and personal hygiene products available on the site are rooted in the company’s philosophy of sustainability, connection, evolution, integrity, and equity.

A spokesperson states: “All of our vendors and products are thoroughly researched and are held to a strict and high standard in terms of environmental and social sustainability. At Scoop Marketplace, you can be sure that the products you buy are the very best for the planet, and for you.”

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