Bio Pro Initiative Releases Range Of Proprietary Energy Resonance Technologies For Wellbeing

BioPro Initiative has just created a suite of tools designed to provide a firewall between people and damaging electromagnetic fields emanating from modern mobile technologies.

Mobile phones, wireless routers, smart meters and more are all filling the air with electrical signals that actually affect our brains and over time, can damage them. BioPro is a passionate team of health awareness advocates promoting personal safety around cell phones, technology and other devices that act as pollutants in daily life. Working together, they create only the best quality health and wellness products and educational resources, empowering people to take control of their environment, reduce contaminants and enjoy a healthier life.

EMF Intervention Technology, powered by Energy Resonance Technology which creates an effective barrier between individuals and the fields they are interacting with. Their proven results have already been demonstrated in health and wellness magazines, backed by scientific research and developed by experts.

These products (Shop BIOPRO USA) have come at a time when studies are just beginning to reveal the true extent of the damage done by these electromagnetic fields, emitted by mobile devices and other technologies which didn’t exist even fifty years ago. With brain cancer figures increased by 25% since 1973, it is a time when the need for such solutions is paramount.

A spokesperson for Bio Pro Initiative explained, “Our aim is not to fight technology, indeed, we have been using technology to try and solve the problems that other technologies have caused so far. The difference is that BIOPRO's Bioenergetic Technologies offer protection that is truly enhancing the quality and enjoyment of our lives. The harmful emissions from current technologies have been demonstrated to cause serious health and wellbeing issues. We have demonstrated the difference even a short course of our energy resonance therapy can make to an individual, and we hope our technology will become as ubiquitous as the technology we protect people from.”

About Bio Pro Initiative: Bio Pro Initiative is designed to offer simple and affordable products to help people reduce toxins and pollutants in their environments, including home, work and the car. These solutions have been developed my Dr George Carlo who has spent many years researching the effects of cell phones and technology on people. His passion for helping people protect themselves led to the creation of BioPrio in 1999 after several years of work with the cell phone industry researching safety and risk of cell phones.

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