Binaural Beat Therapy – Alleviate Anxiety and Addiction Personality Traits

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A sound healing practitioner has released binaural beat meditation materials for people recovering from alcohol abuse. These resources can help them reduce the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

Danielle Jeune, a Florida-based Nurse Practitioner, has launched binaural beat meditation resources for individuals who are recovering from an addiction. One can access the audio materials by signing up through her website.

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The newly announced tool will provide those undergoing treatment with an effective aid that they can use in the comfort and safety of their homes. To meditate with binaural beats, one only needs to find a comfortable and quiet spot and then listen to the audio for several minutes.

Binaural beats can benefit a person by inducing a feeling of calm, improving their mood, reducing mental fatigue and anxiety, and enhancing focus and concentration. These benefits are useful in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and substance abuse, such as constant fatigue, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, and inability to concentrate.

In 2007, participants of one study reported a reduction in their anxiety levels and an increase in their quality of life after listening to binaural beats for 60 straight days. More recently, a 2019 meta-analysis also found a link between prolonged exposure to these sounds and reduced anxiety.

The perceptible frequencies inherent within binaural beats are believed to be responsible for achieving certain states and effects. For example, the alpha pattern, which is set at a frequency of 7-13 Hz, is associated with relaxation, while the 13-30 Hz frequency, or beta pattern, may improve one’s alertness.

While traditional meditation is helpful, many find it difficult to sit still and focus, especially those who are in the earlier stages of recovery. Binaural beats offer a solution by helping people concentrate on the sounds they hear instead of the discomforts brought about by their symptoms.

As a nurse practitioner, Danielle said she experienced her own spiritual awakening, which led to her interest in bioenergetic medicine. “I want to bring healing to the cellular level especially to those who are affected by the disease of alcoholism,” she stated on her website.

Besides helping others through meditation, she has created a podcast called Finding Your Inner Phoenix for those affected by alcoholism.

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