Bill Consolidation Sourcing Service For Multi Location Businesses Launched

A sourcing company introduces their bill consolidation service to help businesses reduce the time they spend processing invoices from all their vendors and locations.

Specializing in procurement solutions, Technology Source launches a service designed to streamline bill processing for businesses that are working with several vendors for their tech requirements. Through their signature sourcing-as-a-service solution, the California-based company can assist in finding a bill consolidation provider with relative ease and within a shorter than usual time frame.

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The newly launched service has been proven effective at significantly reducing the number of vendors and invoices for businesses, typically by 90%.

Reviewing and processing invoices from various vendors can take up a lot of resources, and opting not to review them can be more costly. Yet the company recognizes that this scenario is typical when businesses open new locations, whether in the US or anywhere else in the world. Local service providers tend to be hired and location managers are left in charge of vendor selection.

With bill consolidation, businesses can save time and money spent on bill management and other related processes. With a portfolio of over 500 service providers covering 87 products in more than 60 countries, Technology Source can help any of their clients implement the solution in their organization. In an ideal setting, this could mean dealing with just a single bill for all their business locations.

Highlighting their capabilities, the company president Dominic Antonini shares, “We have helped a multi location business recently that had 82 different invoices – with over 50 different support numbers – consolidate down to 3 invoices with 3 support numbers covering all of their software, computing, telecom , internet, IT Services and VoIP phone system needs covering all of the USA and Canada.”

Bill consolidation belongs to Technology Source’s full range of offerings under the Business Optimization category. The company also helps their clients procure services in the areas of Cyber Security, Software and Applications, Connectivity, Voice and Communications, Marketing, Mobility, Cloud and Infrastructure, and Commercial Energy Services.

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