Bikini Competition Fitness & Conditioning Prep Coach Berlin Site Launched

Experienced bikini contest competitor and sports, fitness and nutrition expert, Catherine Piot, has launched a new website for her Bikini Academy Berlin bikini competition preparation and training business, featuring a number of training packages to help clients reach peak competition performance conditioning.

Bikini Academy Berlin, a bikini competition preparation and training business founded by Catherine Piot, an experienced competitor, sports, fitness and nutrition expert, has launched a new website.

More information and details about the various training packages can be found on the website:

Catherine Piot, a bikini competition coach and founder of the Bikini Academy Berlin, uses her knowledge, education and practical experience to help her clients transform their physique to become competition ready. As outlined on the new website, she helps clients sculpt their bodies into exceptional physiques, for the bikini competition stage via healthy, good nutrition and not by going hungry on extremely low calorie diets.

The competition preparation package demonstrates how Catherine specialises in coaching for women’s bikini competitions, both international and European competitions (both have varying requirements), providing preparation training options of either eight, 12 or 16 week programs; or more can be scheduled if the client desires it. With training plans that change every two to four weeks, specific weight training exercises to suit individuals and cardiovascular training are targeted.

The new Bikini Academy Berlin website also outlines nutrition covered during competition preparation, including an adaptable meal plan and flexible dieting methods, as well as dealing with hunger pangs, cravings and post competition weight gain. There is a final week preparation component with special instructions for the peak week leading up to the contest.

Another component outlined for bikini competition readiness is posing and presentation. Bikini Academy Berlin offers private one on one posing classes and professional tanning services for local based clients, and sessions via Skype for remote clients. Posing classes also cover items such as suit and suit colour selection, hair and makeup.

The Bikini Academy Berlin is always available to take questions from its athletes, via phone, Skype and email to ensure their success. A private Facebook group has also been created as a forum for sharing information and discussion amongst the athletes coached by Catherine.

Other packages offered on the new Bikini Academy Berlin website include the following non-competition packages: weight loss, muscle gain and nutrition. In addition, there is a 12 week ‘glutes and legs’ training program with meal plan, shopping list, recipes, complete video program and no gym required.

Bikini Academy Berlin has social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. The website also features a convenient contact form.

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