Launches a Series of Battery-Free Bike Lights To Keep Cyclists Safe

As the days are getting shorter, it’s never been more important for bicyclists to ensure that they are safe while biking. is pleased to announce they are offering a wide range of self-powered bike lights to help reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists.

Each year approximately 7,500 cyclists are seriously injured on the roads in Canada. Over 50 of those accidents involve a fatality. In the USA, more than 50,000 bicyclists were injured in 2014 with 726 of those accidents being fatal.

The team at is committed to seeing the number of cyclist fatalities reduced by ensuring that people are aware of the importance of using bike lights day and night. Battery free, self-powered, and permanently-mounted bike lights provide constant light for the cyclist which reduces accidents. ( offers a range of innovative bike lights that continuously generate their own power and thus provide constant light. At a cost of starting at $55.00 per set, these lights are also reasonably priced.

Previously, dynamo lights stole energy from the momentum of the cyclist, who felt a clear resistance and in snowy weather, they often didn’t work at all. That’s not the case with the magnetic self-powered lights from, which are friction-free and work through induction. Magnets are fixed on the bike wheel and each time they pass a generator, they produce power for the lights. The cyclist cannot feel that the bike is creating its own energy, and the robust technology works in all kinds of weather.

Users of magnetic lights are enthusiastic about them for several reasons. First, it is easier to not have to worry about changing batteries. Not having to replace batteries is also good for the environment. Second, magnetic lights are fixed on the bike and automatically turn themselves on every time the user start cycling. Finally, it takes tools to remove the lights so the cyclist can leave the bike without having to worry about the lights getting stolen.

Lars Rannes from said:” Having lights on a bicycle 24/7, even in broad daylight, reduces the risk of being involved in an accident by more than 30% according to a study done by Aalborg University (Denmark). These new, self-powered, lights will keep more cyclists safe, and they’re easy to use since the cyclist never need to change or replace the batteries.”

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