Big Town Hero Plans Next Big Expansion – Big Town Hero Drive-Thru

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Big Town Hero releases information on how its new plans for expansion will change things for current and future franchisees, for the better. Further information can be found at

Hero Systems Inc. is approaching the idea of a Big Town Hero drive-thru to increase brand awareness and expand services to a more expansive customer base. It will be worth the wait for anyone with even a passing interest in the world of franchising to see the success.

It’s all about our bread! Made fresh, every morning from scratch. However, there is more to this tasty story! Since 1982, Big Town Hero has been providing the freshest tasting sandwiches in the West with some of the most delicious and unique recipes ever. It was established on the Corvallis, Oregon State University campus, then known as Campus Hero.

As reputations grew, so did efforts to develop the Big Town Hero name. Those at Big Town Hero see tremendous growth coming for our renewed brand and model. We are all about our food and service! This model offers fast, casual convenience with less wait and a small but efficient operating footprint, offering you less overhead and more profit! We’ve taken efficiency to a whole new level.

Currently, Big Town Hero only operates typical walk-in shops. But having a Big Town Hero Drive-Thru will improve on this by increasing its customer base. Franchisees will be able to benefit from this expansion with increased consumers and profits. Big Town Hero has not yet provided a launch date for their first drive-thru, but to find out more, the place to visit is

The VP of Operations at Big Town Hero, Kellen Eggert, makes a point of saying, “Things are going to change when Big Town Hero Drive-Thru launches.” Eggert continues, “the industry is changing, and we plan to be right there with it.” Fast food provides ease, and the expansion is expected to bring more popularity to the franchise.

For further information about Big Town Hero, those who are interested can discover this at, or you can call us today at (971) 888-4340.

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