Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Offers High School Reunion Planning Services

Reunions trigger many mixed emotions as adults go back in time. To help alleviate the nervousness often associated with reunions, plan events to promote fun and togetherness.

It’s almost that time of year again; high school students are eagerly planning their graduations while the school’s alum are remembering their days in high school. High school reunions are big events in themselves as past grads come together during their milestone anniversaries to visit with old classmates and catch up on life after high school. Anytime Ice Skating is ready to help you host a spectacular high school reunion with your former classmates.

Reunions trigger many mixed emotions and anxiety as now adults go back in time to face their youthful piers. To help alleviate the nervousness and fears often associated with reunions, it is important to plan events that promote fun and togetherness. Anytime Ice Skating has the perfect arena for your reunion events. There non-ice skating rink is a great stage to engage in lively socializing with your former classmates.

Adding a non-ice skating rink to your reunion is very beneficial for several reasons. It is a sport that almost everyone can participate in regardless of skill level. Along with the many physical benefits, skating has numerous emotional and mental health benefits as well. It promotes fun and relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety levels. During highly emotional events like high school reunions when former pupils are feeling a different range of emotions about reliving their past, skating on an iceless skating rink is an excellent way to help calm the nerves so those in attendance can relax and enjoy their reunion.

Reunions are big business that sees an average of 27 million former students attending their high school reunion every year. Of all the schools that host reunions, between 20% to 30% of former graduates will go to their school event.

According to Susan Lorimer, owner of Anytime Ice Skating, “High school reunions are really popular events, especially during the month of July.” She further went on to state that “because many people are coming from out-of-town, it is important to plan activities that everyone can participate in. At Anytime Ice Skating, we not only supply the iceless skating rink, but we also rent ice skates to make sure everyone can enjoy the fun.”

Anytime Ice Skating non-ice acrylic skating rinks can be set up at any indoor and outdoor location where there is a large flat surface big enough to fit the rink. The staff at Anytime Ice Skating are highly trained professionals who will meet with you before your big event to help you find the perfect spot to install the rink.

Anytime Ice Skating iceless skating rink rentals range in size between 1,000 to 4,000 sq. ft. Each rink rental exceeds government standards and comes with AAA insurance and a million dollar liability coverage so clients are assured that their rental is fully covered. The rinks are set up by certified professionals who ensure the highest quality safety measures are met. If you are looking for a unique and highly entertaining activities to plan during your high school reunion this year, Anytime Ice Skating has the perfect iceless skating rink rental for you.

About Anytime Ice Skating:

Anytime Ice Skating is owned by Andy and Susan Lorimer. The two have over 20 years’ experience in the party rental business. As experts in the party and event planning industry, they have built a solid reputation with their customers and industry leaders for their exceptional products and services. Anytime Ice Skating offers competitive pricing on all their customized acrylic skating rink rentals. The professional staff at Anytime Ice Skating works with each client to ensure they receive the best service and product selection for any type of event or holiday function.

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