Bible Verse Coloring Book – Activities For Children Homeschool Resources Launch

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OMGCreativeDesigns has released a digital product on the Etsy marketplace to give homeschooling parents access to Bible-themed coloring pages to teach their children biblical scripture.

OMGCreativeDesigns has launched a new digital coloring book for parents wanting to teach their children scripture with Bible-verse themed images and text.

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The newly released coloring book is a digital download featuring over 150 pages of images and verse from both the Old and New Testament that can be printed at home.

With many parents around the world homeschooling their children, teaching them the values and stories found within the bible is more important than ever. Furthermore, finding an engaging and entertaining means of learning helps to keep a child’s attention for longer.

OMGCreativeDesigns coloring book gives parents an easy-to-use and interactive solution for teaching their children biblical verse.

The Bible Verse Coloring Book for Kids is available through the Etsy marketplace and has been designed to be suitable for children between five and ten, with age-appropriate images and scripture. The coloring pages feature well-known biblical events to interest children, such as Moses’ parting the red sea and the story of David and Goliath.

To ensure a child’s interest is engaged, the images within OMGCreativeDesigns’ book include cartoon characters as well as more traditional illustrations. This variation in style allows for more creativity and choices for children when coloring the pages.

As a digital download, the Bible Verse Coloring Book is delivered instantly to a customer’s email, allowing them to be used as soon as they are needed. Additionally, parents can print the pages as many times as desired for personal use to create multiple coloring books or folders.

OMGCreativeDesigns’ Etsy store also offers a selection of other Bible-themed digital products for parents to use, including a Bible Study Journal and worksheets. The company also offers several items such as t-shirts and mugs that highlight the hard work done by homeschooling parents.

A recent review of the company’s items said, “Looks great and came earlier than I expected.”

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