Beverly Hills Tile Regrouting – Missing/Stained Grout Repair Replacement Service

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JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care, serving Brentwood, Bel Air, and the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, (818-263-9314) is announcing a service update to provide the latest in regrouting and repairs for stubborn or damaged grout lines resistant to standard methods.

The new approach uses a proven system that ensures customers get quality results. The company can remove grout lines and replace them with new grout of any color. For projects that involve just a few cracked lines, JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care offers color matching services that allow for partial removal and replacement of damaged grout.

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Recognized as the local eco-friendly specialists in floor, tile, and carpet care, JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care offer a range of services for residential and commercial clients. For grout that’s become stained or is beginning to crumble, the company offers full and spot repairs. Newly updated regrouting and repair methods ensure grout stains will be safely cleaned to restore the original color.

Regardless of the type of tile or stone used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas, the technicians at JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care can safely remove all dirt, grime, or calcium build-up for like-new results.

The company’s grout replacement service includes replacement of silicon along the seams of the tiled areas. Over time silicon can turn color or begin to lift. Technicians take the time required to carefully remove old silicon, or caulking in some cases, and replace the system with new silicon precisely along the width and length of the seam.

Regrouting and repair services at JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care include the replacement of missing, damaged, or mismatched grout lines; stain, calcium, and soap scum removal; repairs to grout that’s been damaged by settling; and even stone and tile repairs.

JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care provides affordable, high-quality services throughout Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Studio City, West LA, Encino, and surrounding regions.

A recent customer says, “I can’t recommend JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care highly enough. Their professionalism, attention to detail, caring staff, and above all excellent service and work really stand out. Peter and his staff will take good care of you.”

With an update in services to provide the industry’s latest in thorough regrouting and repair solutions, the team at JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care are helping clients restore their interiors for a pristine, like-new appearance.

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