Beverly Hills CA Meditation Breathing Technique Teaching Program Course Launched

The Breath Zone of Beverly Hills, CA launches the registration for its teacher training certification. Participants who join the Zoom-based course will learn the fundamentals of Breathwork.

Beverly Hills, CA-based The Breath Zone announces the launch of registration for its Breathwork Teacher Training Module 1 & Module 2. The sessions will be held via Zoom in January and February 2021 and ongoing throughout the year.

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The online courses were launched to make it easier for aspiring Breathwork teachers to learn the fundamentals of the practice. Rebecca Kordecki, the company’s principal, says that inquiries about the Breathwork teacher training program have spiked recently as people search for ways to cope with the current pandemic.

Breathwork as a practice involves voluntarily controlling the breath pattern for a desired outcome. The style Kordecki facilitates most often is a conscious circular breathing technique that can calm anxiety, deal with daily stresses, and unblock negative emotions. This style helps people connect deeper to their heart and spirit and allows them to quiet their mind as a result, so it is often referred to as a gateway to meditation.

The two Modules are designed for beginning Breathwork teachers, as well as anyone who would like to deepen their relationship with the breath. Those who finish the program can go on to teach stress and anxiety relief breathing techniques to groups, athletes, or kids.

Students will learn the fundamentals of Breathwork, including different breathing styles, breath exercises and their beneficial various applications. They will also learn how to design engaging and effective classes for different clientele.

Kordecki will also tackle the business side of Breathwork teaching, including smart business strategies that can help set future teachers up for success. Course participants will also get the opportunity to interact with her, including a Q&A session.

She says that the teacher courses help participants develop a lucrative skill that can also help people lead more passionate and fuller lives. Moreover, Breathwork techniques can also aid clients to enrich creativity, overcome addictions, and increase self-awareness.

The Breath Zone is a leading Breathwork company that services Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area. Kordecki, as a 25-year veteran in the wellness space, has been featured in national media outlets such as The New York Times, Vogue, Glamour, and The Today Show.

A satisfied client had this to say of Kordecki: “This past year was quite trying for me. Meeting and working with Rebecca changed my life in every way. I was able to release heavy emotions & gain so much clarity for what’s next in my life.”

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