Better Is Possible and required, Charity looks to host Community Resource Fairs

Atlanta social service firm looks to build a coalition of people, organizations, companies, and government officials to usher in a season of prosperity, productivity, and peace.

Human beings are human beings through other human beings. Archbishop Desmond Tutu said that phrase to a chapel full of young men during Crowned Forum, an assembly of Morehouse College. These would be the leaders of tomorrow. He found it imperative to instill in them connectivity and humanity that would supersede any racial marker other than that of humans.

One of the young men he was speaking to was Maurice D. Ravennah, US Navy Midshipman of 3 years. He went on to serve in the US Treasury for over 6 years, and the public to date by serving as the CEO of Phoenix International Inc., an Atlanta based social service firm. The organization was formed to create and promote positive social and economic change. Phoenix International has housed, fed, educated, employed, and inspired the homeless and foster youth for the past 4 years. “We need connection, humanity, and positivity like never before. I love the quote from Alice In Wonderland; I think of at least 3 impossible things before breakfast each day,” now for me that’s ending prejudice, famine, and war! Baby Steps…” -CEO Maurice D. Ravennah

Phoenix CEO reached out to community leaders and politicians on the local and federal levels this week aimed at forging a coalition for positivity. He expressed overwhelming empathy in light of all the people hurting unnecessarily around the world. As of June 2, 2020, CEO Maurice D. Ravennah had reached out to President Donald Trump, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Police Chief Erica Shields, and Bernice A. King daughter of the late Rev. Martin Luthor King Jr.

CEO Ravennah urged staff to reach out to as many people, organizations, companies, and government officials as possible. He advised that real out of the box solutions to real-world problems are going to take everyone putting their heads together. These are entities that do not often work together as they should. When they do, it’s nothing short of magic and the world is better for it. Civil Rights leaders used this principle to sway hearts and minds many years ago. The same could help us now to usher in a season of peace and prosperity to a country and world rocked by a pandemic, economic uncertainty, and civil unrest.

Ravennah proposes that the city of Atlanta and other major cities around the United States or even the world might support their citizens with community resource fairs in light and in lieu of protests and rallies. Corporate sponsors, government liaisons, hiring managers, and other resources could be offered. This would give the people a chance to be heard while giving vital resources. Opportunity equals liberation! Better is both possible and necessary!

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