Bettendorf IA Veteran Mortgage Home Loans Consultant Services Launched

Quad Cities, IA, based mortgage and finance specialist Cissi Leinonen of Caliber Home Loans has launched a range of services to help veterans with tax exemption laws in Iowa and Illinois.

Quad Cities, IA, based mortgage and finance specialist Cissi Leinonen of Caliber Home Loans has launched a new consultant service to help veterans. As the VA loan specialist in the states of Iowa and Illinois, Cissi Leinonen is well placed to help people understand the mortgage and home loan options available to them and help them increase their chances of being approved.

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The new specialist services have been launched in a bid to help veterans understand their financial support options. Whether they want to know more about disabled veteran tax exemption or property tax exemption in Iowa or Illinois, Cissi Leinonen is well placed to advise people. She can also provide information on any applicable VA closing discounts.

Cissi Leinonen differentiates herself from other mortgage and finance advisors as she tailors her services to the specific needs of each client. She utilizes her expertise as well as Caliber Home Loans’ superior in-house local processing, underwriting, and closing functions.

Many people find the mortgage application process stressful, which is why Cissi Leinonen aims to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. She believes customers should be able to receive smart financing options in everyday language, so they are aware of all their options.

Communication is key, which drives Cissi Leinonen to respond to her client’s needs in an effective and efficient manner. In order to build strong relationships with clients and potential clients, Cissi Leinonen has a dedicated Facebook page that can be viewed here

Part of the expert services offered by Cissi Leinonen include helping veterans to find the mortgage that is right for them, and importantly, a mortgage that is likely to be approved. She helps clients to establish what they can afford based on their income and expenses, she explains regulatory laws that may affect their mortgage, and aims to understand her clients’ long-term ambitions.

A company representative said: “Cissi Leinonen and Caliber Home Loans are specialists in the field of veteran home loans and mortgages. Although financial applications can seem daunting and complicated, Cissi and the team aim to simplify them. They can help potential homeowners within the states of Iowa and Illinois, respectively.”

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the links provided. Alternatively, clients can connect with Cissi Leinonen via LinkedIn here

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