Beth De Lima in Murphys – Vivid Career Journey in the Field of HR Management

This press release has been written to inform the readers about the vivid career journey of Beth De Lima in Murphys and her achievements in the field of Human Resource Management.

Beth De Lima, a principal consultant, founder, and CEO of HRM Consulting Inc. is one of the best HR experts in Murphys. She is a certified mediator and successful expert in matters relating to human resource and vocation rehabilitation and her administrative offices are based in Murphys, California. As an HR consultant, she is nationally recognized and has broad experience in HR consulting, training, and expert testimony services.

She founded HRM Consulting Inc. in 1993 and has been in the human resources field for almost 30 years. Her areas of expertise include vocational rehabilitation, employment regulation compliance, Medical Leaves and Accommodations. Besides working as a professional in human resources management, Ms. De Lima also works as an expert witness in HR.

Through her company, Beth De Lima successfully conducts vocational and HR evaluations which are requested in employment litigation, job re-training, labor market assessment, injury, divorce, and similar matters. Hence, she has a unique perspective on matters relating to human resources management, specifically medical leave and accommodation management. Her work helps in solving sensitive disputes in relation to an employee and employer issue. She also assists human resource managers to understand the various implementation requirements that relate to leave and accommodation management within the workplace and conducts a 2-day workshop in various cities in California to train HR pros on FMLA and ADA compliance with these regulations.

Following her extensive knowledge in matters relating to the employment compliance, Ms. De Lima acts as a liaison between HR professionals and attorneys in the event of a threatened or existing litigation. She is a highly regarded human resource expert who uses a holistic approach in tackling human resource matters.

She is highly skilled in areas such as:

· Management training and consulting

· Organization development

· Performance management systems

· Employee handbooks

· Management of the employment life cycle

· Essential function job descriptions

· Medical leaves and accommodations

With locations in San Jose, Pismo Beach and Murphys, California, she provides FMLA training, ADA training, California FMLA (CFRA) training, California ADA (FEHA) training, a broad range of HR consulting and HR Expert witness services, both in California and nationally. Beth De Lima, Murphys, has an MBA in Organization Behavior& Human Resource from California State University in Sacramento and close to 30 years of experience in the Human Resource and Vocational Rehabilitation field. This provides her with a unique perspective and extensive experience in establishing and implementing human resource programs which are related to federal and state employment legislation such:

· ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA)

· Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

· California Family Rights Act (CFRA)

· ADA Accommodation Assessments /Analysis

· Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

· Workers’ Compensation Medical Leave Management

· Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) / California ADA

· Good Faith Interactive Meetings

· Baby Bonding

· New Parent Leave

· Pregnancy Disability

As an expert in vocational rehabilitation, she utilizes her proficiency and applies her expertise and knowledge in areas such as Return to work plans, Vocational assessments, Job analysis, Evaluation, and Testing.

Beth De Lima works with various organizations such as private and public firms, non-profit organizations, state and federal governments, school districts and attorneys.

By focusing on providing consultation services that involve professional advice, development, and implementation of policy and procedures, as well as interactive training, she efficiently mitigates their current and potential liabilities in order for these entities to run effectively. Her solutions include: implementing systems that regularly monitor and help to manage employees’ performance, developing policies and procedures and ensuring job descriptions are valid to mention just a few areas.

Through HRM Consulting Inc., she also provides outsourced HR support and HR solutions to enable organizations to maintain high standards regarding employment practices. Also, her services enable these organizations and employees to be protected from risks that arise from poor HR administration and common mistakes relating to the HR field. Her Murphys-based human resources expert services enable companies, regardless of their size, to overcome challenges relating to human resources management.

Her services in litigation support are often applied to evaluate the adequacy of personnel policies, conduct interviews and investigations, identify case weaknesses and determine key questions to ask, and more.

Her training programs focus on developing in-house expertise, particularly in Medical Leaves and Accommodations, both in California and nationally. As an HR consultant, she acts as a company’s human resource department or just handles specific issues, when needed.

Companies or organizations that lack an HR department or require additional expertise relating to employment matters can seek Beth De Lima’s services through HRM Consulting Inc., Murphys, CA. Her office phone is 209-728-8905. As a successful HR consultant, Ms. De Lima’s clients get to benefit from cost-effective solutions that avoid legal problems and increase compliance with employment laws.

Beth De Lima is a dedicated and hardworking HR expert with locations in San Jose, Pismo Beach and Murphys, California. By being an active HR expert for almost 3 decades, she continues to hone her skill levels, gain experience and expand her knowledge in relation to human resource management services.

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