Beth De Lima – Delivering Promising HR Services in San Jose, CA

Beth De Lima, a Human Resource expert in San Jose, CA, is an experienced HR professional who founded HRM Consulting Inc. in 1993. She is the Principal Consultant & President of HRM Consulting Inc.

Beth De Lima, a Human Resource expert in San Jose, CA, is an experienced HR professional who founded HRM Consulting Inc. in 1993. Ms. De Lima is the Principal Consultant and President of HRM Consulting Inc., which is based in California and provides outsourced HR solutions.

Despite hailing from San Jose, she is nationally recognized and certified as a Senior Professional by the HR Certification Institute,with a California state-specific certification in matters relating to human resources. Ms. De Lima is also certified through SHRM, as a SHRM-SCP, Senior Certified Professional.

As a well-known and successful HR expert,Ms. De Lima’s areas of expertise include HR employment regulation compliance, HR Expert Testimony, Medical Leave and Accommodation Management, Disability Management, Investigations,Policy and Procedures, and the Vocational Rehabilitation field which include the development of Essential Function Job Descriptions. She is also experienced in other areas that relate to human resources including EEO and performance complaints.

Beth De Lima is a sought-after HR Expert Witness in vocational rehabilitation and HR Industry Standards of Care nationally, testifying for both the defense and plaintiff in cases that involve wrongful termination based on harassment, retaliation, discrimination, pregnancy, employer regulations compliance as well as all other EEO protected issues.She also has been an expert witness for Railroad Disability Retirement and Nationally Social Security Disability Hearings.

By being uniquely qualified in having the experience in human resource management as well as vocational rehabilitation, she is able to conduct HR and vocational assessments that can be used in employment litigation, labor market assessments, re-training, divorce or personal injury.

Based on her extensive experience of almost three decades, Ms. De Lima develops and implements HR programs as well as policies regarding state and federal employment legislation.

These include:

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

ADA Accommodation Assessments / Analysis

Good Faith Interactive Meetings – Undue Hardship Analysis

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

California Family Rights Act (CFRA)

ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA)

Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) – California ADA

Essential Function Job Descriptions

Human Resource Audits, On-boarding to Separation

Sexual Harassment Training and Investigations

Medical Leave Management

Workers’ Compensation Medical Leave Mgmt.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Wrongful Termination

Exempt / Non-exempt Classifications

I-9 Audits

Her holistic approach towards HR-related matters together with her HR consulting services enables her to understand HR challenges from the perspective of both the employer and employee and successfully works with both sides in resolving matters relating to personnel disputes. Hence, following her in-depth and broad knowledge of employment law compliance, Ms. De Lima suitably works as a liaison between legal representatives and HR professionals in the event litigation is threatened or existing.

Beth De Lima is a national recognized speaker and she frequently lectures on issues that are HR-related.She also provides training through workshops and coaching, webinars, and directly on-site for employers on Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management as well as Sexual Harassment and related employee management issues. Ms. De Lima is often recommended for her interactive and lively training programs.

Through HRM Consulting Inc. and Leave Management Solutions, LLC, Ms. De Lima provides medical leave and accommodation management and other leave-related services to organizations regardless of their sizes. Ms. De Lima assists human resource managers with strategies for complying with complex state and federal leave and accommodation employment regulations.

Beth De Lima provides cost-effective HR consulting services that benefit both private and not-for-profit organizations and companies of all sizes, government organizations, school Districts clients and attorneys situated within CA and Nationally. Ms. De Lima is focused on helping organizations realize the positive impacts brought about by implementing a system for managing leave and accommodation compliance within the workplace, improving the processes involved in the workflow management, and improving overall organizational communications related to leaves and accommodations.

Ms. De Lima is also highly skilled, with broad industry experience, on employment matters relate to Management Training, Organizational Development, Employee Life Cycle Management (which include the procedures involved in hiring through termination of employment), Development/Modification of Employee Policy Handbooks, development of Essential Function Job Descriptions, Performance Management Systems, and Complaint and Grievance Management and Investigations.

Beth De Lima’s services provide her clients with the needed solutions that limit the occurrence of potential liability which would result in litigation. Such solutions include developing guidelines for carrying out work procedures, ensuring job descriptions are verified, and monitoring and managing the performance of employees with and without accommodations.

Companies facing medical leave management problems and challenges relating to ADA accommodation, lacking a functional HR department or having challenges that require additional HR expertise, can rely on Beth De Lima to supply the perfect solutions to curb these challenges. She provides effective Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Solutions to her clients, providing beneficial solutions for resolving and mitigating potential litigation and increasing compliance with minimal cost exposure.

She also delivers digital or live training and consultation services including training specifically for non-HR supervisors and managers; ensuring they understand their role in helping the organization assist the employee with leaves and accommodations, assuring compliance with these complex personnel regulations.

Beth De Lima focuses on assisting HR departments to successfully safeguard their firms from potential litigation brought about by poorly managed Medical Leaves and Accommodations by using her broad knowledge and extensive experience in these regulations. This has enabled her to efficiently recognize risks that are caused by common mistakes and poor HR management and protect her clients from these risks through timely solutions as well as showing clients how to avoid expenses from these costly litigation risks by remaining compliant with the federal and state employment regulations.

Beth De Lima travels nationally to deliver HR services including expert testimony, consultation, live workshops and other services relating to the management of medical leaves and accommodations. She is a committed and recognized HR expert with specialized knowledge to ensure that your organization has an effective and efficient Integrated Medical Leave and Accommodation Management System and is fully compliant with state and federal employment regulations.

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