Launched To Be Trusted Resource For Morgellon Sufferers

A new website, has been launched by author Richard Kuhns, to give Morgellon sufferers a trusted place for the latest information and support to battle the disease.

For many years, Morgellon sufferers have had no place to turn to get the latest up-to-date information regarding the treatment of Morgellons Disease. Fed up with the lack of clear and concise information available and wanting to break down the lies and myths surrounding the disease, author Richard Kuhns decided enough is enough and created a comprehensive website at dedicated to helping Morgellon sufferers get the relief they so desperately need.

Having gone through the painful itching and biting from his own battle with skin parasites back in the 1990’s, Richard, who is considered to be the world’s foremost authority on Morgellons, has taken all the knowledge he has accumulated over the past twenty odd years and put together a website where sufferers from around the world can come and learn about the disease.

When asked why he decided to build the new website, Richard stated, “There really isn’t a place to go on the internet where people can get the most reliable and up-to-date information about Morgellons without being told it’s either all in their head or it’s not a true disease. I’ve made it my life’s work to help those who have nowhere to turn. I also wanted to build a community where sufferers can go to get support because I know what it’s like is to suffer from the debilitating effects of Morgellons.”

To make sure sufferers are able to take this information anywhere, he has decided to give away his free ebook of over 200 pages entitled “How To Get Your Life Back From Morgellons And Other Skin Parasites” to anyone who signs up to his mailing list.

Morgellons disease is a controversial topic among health professionals and many doctors are painfully unaware of the remedies and cures available to those who need it. Even the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) believe it’s a delusional disease but that hasn’t stopped Richard from continuing his research.

He has battled skeptics throughout the years during his long and difficult road to inform the public on the subject but he is determined to make a difference. Richard goes on to say, “Singer Joni Mitchell is the most famous person suffering from the effects of Morgellons yet the public has no idea what Morgellons is or what it does to the body. My aim is to change all that and give people a place to learn the truth about this vicious disease.”

Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. has been at the forefront in legitimizing Morgellons disease and has twenty years of experience working with thousands of sufferers and is considered one the world’s leading experts on skin parasites and the complications brought on by Lyme disease.

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