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PureVPN has launched budget subscription options for its global virtual private network. They offer a secure, reliable VPN service with multiple lower priced options.

PureVPN has launched multiple subscription options for its maximum speed VPN network. The PureVPN peer-to-peer (P2P) service provides secure instant streaming via a proprietary global network of 6,500 servers and 300,000 ISPs in 140 countries.

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The launch of PureVPN’s new subscription options provides budget access to a secure, reliable virtual private network supporting Windows, Mac; Android, iOS; Chrome, Firefox and Linux, along with popular content streaming and gaming networks and platforms. The VPN service requires one click for access.

Most Americans think their online activities are being tracked and that they have no control over who can access their online searches according to Pew Research.

As internet users grow increasingly concerned about identity theft, privacy and security, they turn to virtual private networks (VPNs) that route internet activity through servers of the user’s choice. VPNs are regarded as a safeguard for private information as well as an effective way to prevent fraud and identity theft.

PureVPN’s 256-bit AES encrypted systems support unlimited torrent P2P file sharing that distributes data to reduce the burden on central servers while assuring anonymity for users. PureVPN supports anonymous uploads and downloads; and invisible data from live chats, emails, online forums, and international data transfers.

Enterprise-level technical features of the PureVPN-managed network include browser extensions, universal unblocking, and maximum-speed 1Gbit connection. Other system attributes include a standalone DNS service, proprietary URL filter and application blocker; software analytics, stats and diagnostics.

In addition to privacy and security, the state-of-the-art technical features of the PureVPN infrastructure provide user benefits including high-speed unlimited bandwidth to enjoy seamless instant streaming of popular movies, sports, television programming, music, gaming and other multimedia services.

Three million PureVPN customers send and receive data using the fastest VPN speed to prevent frustrating dips and buffering of content. Users can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously and leverage secure Wi-Fi from any location.

Split tunneling allows users to choose which data to send via their local ISP and which to send through PureVPN.

PureVPN provides 24-hour chat support in which customers communicate with expert technicians and not bots. The company provides a money-back guarantee and complies with all applicable regional laws such as consent and age restrictions.

With operations beginning in 2007, PureVPN’s stated mission is to provide privacy and freedom to internet users.

“PureVPN has been my VPN choice for many years,” a customer wrote in an online review. “Whenever there is an issue, which is very rare, their online support understands the problem instantly and is quick to fix.”

Further information and discounted subscription packages are available at the website above.

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