Best Trail and Game Camera Guide Comparison Reviews Tips Site Launched

A new website has been launched by Trail Camera Reviews. The site specializes in guiding consumers toward the best trail camera for their needs with a comprehensive guide to trail cameras.

Trail Camera Reviews have launched a new website. The new site focuses on helping people to pick the right trail camera by providing brand information, reviews, accessories and tips.

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Trail Camera Reviews is a go to site for all information regarding trail cameras and is written by an avid hunter with over 20 years of experience. By using a combination of camera features, industry reviews, vendor specs and the authors own personal experience, a comprehensive guide to purchasing the best camera has been devised.

The site introduces the key features that a person wishing to purchase a camera should consider. The first feature is image quality and the site states that although a greater number of pixels means a higher resolution image, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Unless studio quality images are what a person is after, then there isn’t too much difference in buying a four mega pixel or ten mega pixel camera.

Another factor to consider is image quantity. There are some types of camera that provide basic shot options and there will be cameras that will take multiple image options per trigger. The later takes several photos when the motion detector is set off meaning that an elusive image could be taken, whereas a single shot option would have missed it. These cameras however use a large amount of memory.

Battery life is a big factor when choosing a trail camera, especially when it may be in a place where it cannot be checked for a length of time. The images a camera take the more battery power is used, however most modern cameras are capable of taking thousands of images before the batteries run down.

Trigger speed, infrared vs flash, remote access are all example of other factors determining which camera is best for a customers needs. For example remote access cameras can send images directly to the customer’s inbox but cell coverage in remote areas can be patchy and data plans costly. But these cameras are excellent for those who are hunting in particularly remote and hard to reach areas.

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