Best Synthetic Oil AMSOIL Pre Ignition Protection Prevent LSPI Report Launched

A new report has been launched that explains the problems of low speed pre ignition in new turbo charged engines. It details how AMSOIL can help prevent mechanical problems in engines.

A new report detailing how to protect engines by using the best engine oils has been launched. The report explains what can occur when engines are not looked after properly, and states the best engine oils that can be used to prevent mechanical failure.

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The report states how the use of turbo-charged gasoline engines has increased dramatically in recent years, which means the side effect of low speed pre ignition (LSPI) has become more common too.

LSPI is a form of regular engine knock that can happen when travelling slowly and in high-torque conditions, such as accelerating from a traffic light. Under normal operation, spark-triggered ignition is timed so that it works alongside the piston momentum. LSPI occurs when either oil or fuel droplets in the piston crevice get fired into the combustion chamber and ignites too early. The this causes the force to clash with the pistons and can cause damage.

The report then goes on to explain that automakers, despite previous resistance, have come to use and rely on synthetic lubricants to protect their increasingly challenging engines. It takes a finely balanced, advanced oil to combat wear, as well as resist extreme heat, prevent contaminants, last throughout longer drain intervals and, now, prevent LSPI.

Readers can find that AMSOIL is one of the best ways to prevent LSPI. AMSOIL has engineered a series of oil called the that is meant to combat the low speed pre ignition problem. The report details how the signature series oil has a brilliant level of protection, and the company accomplished this by incorporating a unique detergent system.

The report then goes on to mention how the detergent system is designed to pre-emptively neutralize contaminates, as well as combating low speed pre ignition. Furthermore, the amount of detergents found in the oil is no more than the usual diesel engine oil.

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