Best Startups Accredited Investors Shark Tank Style Online Platform Launched

The Speedy Barracuda Tank, an online platform connecting entrepreneurs to 100 accredited investors across the United States in 60 days, has just been launched.

The Speedy Brand, an online company specializing in products and services for small businesses and entrepreneurs, has just launched the new company Speedy Barracuda Tank, an accredited investors platform.

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This latest announcement will help entrepreneurs across the United States to secure capital to grow new or existing business ventures.

In 2018, 21% of American entrepreneurs reported difficulty in attaining adequate capital to support the growth of their business. Now small business owners and entrepreneurs are reporting increased difficulty attaining funding due to pandemic and subsequent economic crisis. For instance, big banks approved only 18.3% of business loan applications in December 2020 compared to 50.5% the previous year.

The release of the Speedy Barracuda Tank responds to these trends by establishing an online service similar to the investment television show ‘Shark Tank’, wherein entrepreneurs present their business idea to a panel of investors.

The Speedy Barracuda Tank differentiates itself from ‘Shark Tank’, however, in that the service is available entirely online, modernizing how entrepreneurs access capital and increasing the amount of investment opportunities available. In addition, a barracuda investor campaign can be set up very quickly, unlike the popular television show.

We spoke to Mark Allen, CEO of Investor Intros, the company C&T Holdings Group has partnered with that is the companies back-end engine making the whole concept possible due to Investor Intros already having the platform consisting of over 4 million accredited investors that are all looking for their next big investment. Mr. Allen said, “I am very excited about this partnership and the opportunity we are giving to any entrepreneur or business owner that needs a large sum of capital and up until now had no idea where to even start to look to find it, let alone all the time and effort it takes for them to do so if they are one of the few lucky ones that eventually find it.”

The Speedy Barracuda Tank platform sets up small business owners and entrepreneurs with up to 100 online video conferences with investors over a 60-day period. These investors are vetted and accredited and have committed to investing at least $100 000 into the small business or new idea with up to $10 million possible per investor. All entrepreneurs will now have the opportunity they have only dreamed of, according to Speedy.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have the option to accept offers of investment from multiple investors as debt or establish an ownership agreement with a single investor. Unlike the popular T.V. show, offering equity is not a requirement and most business owners will just secure investments in debt form versus losing valuable equity ownership. After each video conference call, the investor will have only 3 days to make a decide and will be required to write a check or give a letter of intent to invest or pass on the offer.

Speedy Barracuda Tank is committed to offering small businesses and start up owners with the high-quality products and services normally reserved for big retail giants. The company also prides itself on its reputation for excellent customer service and support.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are incredibly happy to announce the launch of Speedy Barracuda Tank. We know it has been hard for entrepreneurs to secure funding over the last year and we hope that our platform will help clients to grow their business.” Interested parties can find more information by visiting the company’s website at

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