Best SSD Hosting Provider Fast Secure Website Storage Service Plans Launched

SiteGround announces the launch of their website hosting services operating on solid-state drives or SSDs to provide secure storage and support ultra-fast page loading speeds.

SiteGround launches their secure SSD hosting services for individuals and companies looking for ultra-fast loading times for their websites. The hosting services feature the most advanced data storage technology available today.

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SiteGround understands that loading speed can significantly affect not just a website’s visibility on search engines, but also its ability to convert consumers. For this reason, the company has made sure the newly launched hosting services come complete with all the essential elements to support high-speed websites.

Solid-state drives are the latest noteworthy advancement in data storage technology. Similar to how computers operate better on SSDs, hosting services that run on these new disks are noticeably faster and more reliable than their counterparts that are still on HDDs.

NGINX Direct Delivery is enabled for all sites to serve content in as little time as possible. SiteGround also offers a free content delivery network (CDN) option for the sites it hosts, as well as several software solutions at server level, including HTTP/2, Memcached, and additional PHP optimization through OPCache extension.

Aside from these features, the hosting services are also backed by fast, secure, and redundant data centers situated in two American states, as well as in the UK, Netherlands, and Singapore. Hardware and other components of the infrastructure are regularly updated to deliver only the best hosting services possible.

Supporting websites since 2004, SiteGround currently offers three packages to cater to varying personal and business website hosting needs. Depending on the package chosen, clients may build an unlimited number of websites, enjoy up to 30GB of web storage space, and bandwidths that can accommodate up to around 100,000 visits per month.

SiteGround also offers WordPress, WooCommerce, and cloud hosting solutions.

Individuals and businesses interested in the company’s services may access the above URL for more information.

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