Best Selling Play Food Set Announced Flash Sale For Limited Time

The holiday shopping season has just started, and today Mommy Please announced a flash sale on their #1 rated play food set.

Not all sales ended on Black Friday. Today Mommy Please announced that they will have a special flash sale on their #1 rated plastic play food set. The Mommy Please play food set is sold exclusively on, and has become a favorite of customers.

“When we launched our play food, we had no idea what the reception would be. We invested our resources and efforts into creating the best quality play food set that we could develop,” said Mommy Please spokesperson Elsie Murphy. “We have been thrilled with the customer response. We wanted to find a way to reach out and thank them, and have decided to do this by offering a flash sale. During this time of year, families are buying so many gifts, which can be an incredible financial strain. Our hope is that the sale will make our product even more affordable and that it will be placed in the hands of many new customers.”

The Mommy Please play food set is made of BPA-free plastic, which means the ingredients contain no harmful chemicals and the toy is safe for children ages three and over. The set includes a large variety of food options, such as peppers, french fries, ice cream, tomatoes, croissants, potatoes, cucumber, cheese, chocolate bar, grapes, apples, strawberries and much more. The large variety of food also ensures that children will by busy shopping for groceries, cooking pretend meals or playing kitchen for hours at a time.

The Mommy Please play food set is durable and makes an excellent addition to daycares or doctor office waiting rooms, as well as home play areas. The exact date of the sale will be announced soon, and although Mommy Please has increased production in anticipation of the sale, customers are encouraged to by early, to ensure the toy food set is not sold out.

The 125 piece play food set by Mommy Please will be priced at $24.97 during the flash sale. Free shipping is available on any purchase over $49.

About Mommy Please: “Mommy Please has worked tirelessly to bring children a play set that will never cease to keep their imaginations going. We strive to ensure that happiness, education, and creativity are all incorporated into play time every single day. As a company that focuses on family values, Mommy Please intends to influence the lives of families around the world.”

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