Best Selling Alien Invasion Romance Books Sci-Fi Series Released On Kindle

Indie author Elin Burke announced the release of a four-part sci-fi alien suspense & romance book series, featuring "Discovery", "Illusion", "Exposed" and "Surrender", which are all currently hitting multiple ‘Bestseller’ and ‘How New Release’ lists on Amazon.

Indie author Elin Burke released a new adult science fiction alien suspense & romance four book series, currently hitting multiple ‘Bestseller’ lists and a ‘Hot New Release List’ on Amazon.

More information and access to the book series is available through

The new bestselling sci-fi alien suspense & romance series published by Elin Burke features four books, “Discovery”, “Illusion”, “Exposed” and “Surrender”. All four books are currently hitting ‘Bestseller’ lists and ‘Exposed’ reached #3 on Amazon’s ‘Hot New Release List’.

The first two books of the series, “Discovery” and “Illusion”, originally released in 2013, and have been re-written and re-published with two additional books – cliffhangers – newly added to the series, “Exposed” and “Surrender”, focus on a conflict between a hostile alien invasion and a young woman, Elle Rothschild, with the inner strength and an uncanny ability to resist the mind control efforts of the aliens.

The author, Elin Burke, explains “I’ve always been a dreamer and a writer and this series combined some of the things I love the most. A hot, sexy man (alien), a strong and courageous woman, and the power of love and the human spirit – all mixed in with a powerful environmental message”.

The “Discovery”, “Illusion”, “Exposed” and “Surrender” box set is available in digital format as part of the Kindle Unlimited program on Elin Burke’s Amazon Author page, and has received multiple 5-star ratings and reviews from readers. The Amazon Author page can be accessed through the website link provided above.

The reviews by Amazon readers include: “This series will knock your socks off!”, “Totally unique and unforgettable.”, “Loved book one in this series, I’m hooked. So beautifully written, over the top steamy sexiness with no graphic sex…how does that happen?” “I wanted Pierce to own me, fill me with his scent. Make me his.” “It’s a wild ride!” “You won’t want to miss a thing in this spellbinding journey.”, and more.

Elin Burke reveals that she is already developing the next series, although still keeping the details of that new series a secret at this time. She explains that “my characters or stories tend to take on a life and timing of their own. That’s something I want to protect”. More information about Elin Burke and her current or future work is available by subscribing to the author’s newsletter at Inquiries can also be made directly to the author at

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