Best Self Defense Dvd Battle Drill Street Combat Site Launched

New self defense DVD and website, Battle Drill Street Combat by Mtano Loewi, designed to teach people of all ages and fitness levels, in the privacy of their own homes, to defend themselves unarmed in a violent situation, has been launched.

Battle Drill Street Combat, a self defense DVD by Mtano Loewi, instructs people how to defend themselves in a violent situation without being armed, has been launched and is available through the new website:

Advanced Unarmed Combat Instructor Mtano Loewi has prepared a series of four self defense DVDs, a tried and proven system developed over almost a century, for people to learn the specific skills and techniques in the privacy of their own homes and prepare themselves, in case of an unexpected attack or home invasion.

The development of this modern, unarmed warfare system is credited to Captain William Fairbairn, a British soldier based in Shanghai in the 1920s, said to be the creator of the world’s first SWAT teams, trainer of the first US Marines, developer of the system used by the SOE Spies and trainer of the first CIA Agents.

Fairbairn trained a Canadian man for a WWII campaign named Harold Stairn, who later trained a decorated soldier William Wolfe, who in turn trained Loewi. Loewi became a senior instructor with Battle School and has trained others to become combative instructors, including police, agents, soldiers, and civilians. The Street Combat DVD series comprehensively covers all the techniques required to learn the Battle School self defense system.

According to Loewi, the system is easy to follow, quick to learn, very accurate and effective. He describes it as “True unarmed combat; proven self defense for the real world”. This self defense system doesn’t require the use of weapons such as guns or knives, knowledge of martial arts or the requirement to be athletic and fit. It is suitable for anyone regardless of age, “Seniors have successfully learnt the techniques”, says Loewi.

The four Battle School Combat Street DVDs cover a huge number of tips and techniques, such as: the basics of battle including joint locks, outside striking and startle response; combatives in close quarters including the clinch, inside striking and movement; take-downs and escapes including inside and outside take-downs, arm bars and wrist escapes; escape and inhalation including dealing with headlocks, wrestlers and larger attackers; how to respond to getting jumped; how to handle different types of fighters; how to respond to various types of attacks; and how to get in close and do real damage.

Battle School Combat Street comes with a 100% unconditional 30-day money back guarantee and the following bonuses: priority shipping at no extra charge, free downloadable e-book and email newsletter access for staying up to date.

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