Best Reality Based Self Defence System Vote Won By Lee Morrison Urban Combatives

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​An independent vote and review of modern day 'Reality-Based Self Defence' (RSBD) systems and modern martial arts training models has been won and awarded to Lee Morrison of 'Urban Combatives' for Best Method & System of Self-Protection, as well as Best Self-Protection Instructor.

An independent review of modern ‘Reality-Based Self Defence’ (RSBD) systems and modern martial arts training models has awarded Lee Morrison of ‘Urban Combatives’ their Top Vote as Best Method & System of Self-Protection, as well as Best Self-Protection Instructor.

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What’s notable about Morrison’s approach to self protection, forged through decades of brutal real-world experience and study of martial methods from the world over, is his counter-perspective on ‘self defence’ and ‘reality-based self defence’ – and how the term can often be an indicator of a system that may not be altogether sound or comprehensive.

In Morrison’s Words:

“The word ‘defence’ in particular indicates that you are in a situation where a physical response is not only required, but is your only option. What about avoidance and escape? This is made possible through awareness of your environment, and an understanding of attack ritual, dialogue and body language, so that you have knowledge of such events before they unfold to a point where a physical option is all that you have. This is why the top people in this field feel that the term ‘Self-Protection’ has a lot more to offer.”

Currently in 2017, the self-defence, RBSD and martial arts instruction and eduction industry is littered with bravado and posturing. Lee Morrison stands out in this regard as being a plain-spoken, relatable and humble individual who keeps the focus entirely on the scenario and principles at hand, for the benefit of the student, as opposed to ‘showing off’ as many others do.

Another stand out component of Morrison’s instruction is his dedicated study of the ‘mental, neural, cognitive and intellectual’ components of conflict, combatives and martial history. Morrison recently published the book “Pankration To Present”, which covers the history of unarmed combatives thoroughly, for those with a similar intellectual interest in the subject.

“Urban Combatives” also places a very heavy focus on mental preparation and awareness, borrowing from Morrison’s deep understanding of the adrenal response, fear management and state control.

Lee Morrison and Urban Combatives win the votes for ‘Best Instructor’ and ‘Best Self-Protection Method & System’ respectively, due to their comprehensive and honed system of principles, ‘soft skills’ and ‘hard skills’ that allow a civilian and student the greatest advantage when it comes to self preservation and survivability in the modern world.

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