Best Place To Buy Civet Coffee Product Risks Certified Seller Report Launched

Coffee Brewing Methods, a specialist coffee information site, has launched a new report on how civet coffee is made, and the importance of buying from certified sellers. It explains non-certified sellers can often use cruel farming methods.

A coffee information site has launched a new report on civet coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world. Known as kopi luwak, it gets its name from the harvesting and processing method used to produce it, which can encompass different bean species like Arabica and Robusta and relies on using beans that have been partially digested by the Asian Palm civet. The report covers the history of the coffee and delves into the controversy around the product, as well as how customers can brew their own.

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Coffee Brewing Methods is a specialist coffee website where interested parties can find detailed reports on coffee history through the ages, as well as different guides on how to brew the best cup of coffee, whether visitors are looking for advice and information on Espresso, Turkish coffee, or any other kind of coffee drink.

The new report explains that there is some risk when buying kopi luwak coffee, because there is a limited amount of genuine coffee, which drives the price up. The genuine product is created when the Asian palm civet eats the whole coffee cherries, digests the flesh, and then excretes the beans. Throughout the process, the beans are modified in a subtle way, which gives them a unique flavor.

The Coffee Brewing Methods report emphasises that about 70% of civet coffee on the market is not authentic, and could have been made using farms with caged civets living under poor animal welfare. Recent investigations into the industry have shown that it is plagued by cruelty, with people looking for fast profits at the expense of the animals involved.

Coffee Brewing Methods launched its report with the aim to help inform coffee lovers about the risk of buying civet coffee, and the importance of ensuring they use a trusted seller for their product. The report also details that the certified producer they recommend is Gayo Kopi, which has been certified through the Indonesian government.

Interested parties can find more information about Gayo Kopi and their farming methods in the detailed civet coffee report published by Coffee Brewing Methods, as well as links to the company website. They donate a portion of their proceeds to the World Animal Protection Campaign.

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