Best Online Video Marketing Service Launches Authority Branding Management

7 Media launches full-scale internet video marketing service that aims to help small to medium sized businesses achieve brand authority on the internet and raise conversion rates to find new clients.

7 Media, a company devoted to creating video commercials, just launched a full-scale internet video marketing service focused on helping businesses promote themselves online in order to increase their conversion rates and find new clients.

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There are 3 billion people connected to the internet. 85% of them watch videos daily. According to statistics, 80% of internet users remember the videos they watch online. This leads to a 74% increase of brand recognition and understanding in just 1 minute of video commercial.

In recent times, businesses have begun creating creative video commercials for the internet in hopes of it getting viral on social media. This is a big leap from traditional marketing where businesses purchased airtime on television networks. There is a growing emphasis on online video marketing now.

Minute-long video commercials are present everywhere on the internet. People see them daily on YouTube and Facebook and other social media platforms. And large businesses use this knowledge to promote awareness of their products, which directly leads to an increase in their sales.

Andrew Murphy, CEO of 7 Media says “One of the biggest problems small to medium sized businesses encounter is establishing themselves as an authority in their industry. That can easily be solved by producing high quality video commercials. People see their videos and their name becomes familiar across hundreds of thousands to millions of people. That’s the first step to a successful brand recognition.”

75% of people say that they judge the credibility of a business based on how much knowledge they have of it. The less they know about a specific business, the chances of them availing their services or products drop. This is a serious issue for small to medium sized businesses which could be fixed through affordable means through video marketing on the internet.

7 Media offers a full-scale internet video marketing service. From custom video creation to delivering it to YouTube, Facebook, and Google. Their services include management of Facebook advertising, remarketing, authority branding, and print design. It is an all-in-one solution for small to medium sized businesses to get their brands online.

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