Best Nangs Delivery Co Still Open During COVID Lockdown in Melbourne, Australia

The Best Nangs Delivery Co. is open and continues its delivery operations in a COVID safe manner during the COVID hard lockdown in Melbourne, Australia.

The Best Nangs Delivery Co. remains open and delivering despite the COVID hard lockdown in Melbourne Australia.

The Best Nangs Delivery Co. is known for its cheap cream chargers & cream whippers and fast delivery times in Melbourne, Australia. In the face of Melbourne’s COVID hard lockdown that is stopping them from going out to do their normal activities, many Melbourne residents are demanding more products to enjoy in their own home.

The Best Nangs Delivery Co. has implemented COVID safe protocols including mask wearing, hand sanitising, additional cleaning and contactless delivery options and remains open and delivering as an essential business. Customers can not only enjoy the wide range of cream charger and whipper brands sold by the Best Nangs Delivery Co. but they can also expect fast delivery times.

“With reduced traffic due to the COVID lockdown in Melbourne our delivery drivers can often make their deliveries in record time” Said owner Bill Berry.

“Customers that are forced to stay home now can still access our service. If they are missing their frappe or other whipped cream based delights that they normally purchase from a shop they can make an order and have cream whipping supplies delivered within an hour in Greater Melbourne”

“No one wants to be in lockdown but being able to get the products and services you want can really help. Life goes on even in a hard lockdown. We hope that the lockdown ends soon and we can all get back to our normal activities”

The Best Nangs Delivery Co. stock all of the top brands like BestWhip, MOSA, Ezywhip Pro, SupremeWhip, Whip-It & SSES at cheap prices and can deliver to most areas in Greater Melbourne in under an hour or ordering. Best Nangs Delivery Co. also offers big discounts for bulk purchases so customers can stock up and save money.

Like other top cream charger delivery services such as Mr Cream Chargers and Nangs Delivery, the Best Nangs Delivery Co. operates 24 hours every weekend so that their customers are always well stocked when they need it. This gives the Best Nangs Delivery Co. and advantage over other discount providers such as Nitrous Whip and Power Whip that may be cheaper but have slower delivery times.

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