Best Long Coat Black West German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Vom Ragnar Announced

USA highest quality West Black German Shepherd for sale announced by the best Chicago breeder and GSD kennels. Run by Natalya Babenko, Vom Ragnar takes great pride in its service and strives to make the best match with all its dogs.

The Chicago, Illinois West German Shepherd breeder, Vom Ragnar announced good news, January 28, 2021 — When discussing globally recognized, award-winning German Shepherd breeders, the name Vom Ragnar is on the short-list of those discussions. Since its inception, Vom Ragnar German Shepherds has operated with the singular passion to breed, raise, and train the highest quality purebred West, Long Hair, and Black German Shepherd dogs (GSDs) on the planet. Their immense popularity and ever-growing reputation within the canine breeding community is a testament to their success in achieving those goals.

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It is difficult to pin Vom Ragnar down as specialized breeders of any one breed of GSDs. They got their start breeding and training show dogs like their award-winning West German Shepherds. Over the years, Vom Ragnar has perfected their West German Shepherd breeding craft by producing and training some of the most highly sought-after show dogs in the world. From their regal features, stunning lines, and breathtaking colors to their impressive speed, agility, and strength, West German Shepherds have taken the dog show world by storm over the years and Vom Ragnar has mastered the art of breeding and training these majestic animals. Anyone looking for an award-winning West German Shepherd needs to know the name, Vom Ragnar.

While they may have gotten their start with breeding West German Shepherds, Vom Ragnar has hardly rested on those laurels. Adding to their growing list of popular German Shepherd breeds, Vom Ragnar has added long haired GSDs to their breeding repertoire. For anyone looking for a family-friendly companion rather than a show or working dog, will find their new best friend for many happy healthy years to come. Long hair German Shepherd Dogs are among the more popular versions of German Shepherds due to their gentle and loving personalities and energetic lifestyle. In addition to breeding purebred long haired GSDs, Vom Ragnar also specializes in canine obedience training, transforming these lovable pups into exceptional canine companions for adults and children alike.

Finally, for those in the market for the truly extraordinary German Shepherd breed, Vom Ragnar also specializes in breeding and training black purebred German Shepherds. Among the rarest versions of this spectacular canine breed, black GSDs are as beautiful as they are loyal. Their elegant features and powerful build give them an almost wolf-like appearance but their lovable and playful personalities quickly transform any anxiety their visage may bring into sheer joy. While black GSDs can be trained for pretty much any type of canine service, from security to military to health services and more, they are also perfectly suited to provide families with a lifetime of affection, protection, and lovable loyalty to any family fortunate enough to have one in their home.

While Vom Ragnar’s stellar GSD breeding and training expertise is not limited to West, long-haired, or black German Shepherds, these three breeds have greatly benefited from the German Shepherd experts at Vom Ragnar. The canine professionals at Vom Ragnar have fully equipped breed and train award-winning German Shepherds for the greater Chicago area. For more information on either of these incredible canines, the Vom Ragnar team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. A quick phone call to 773-552-0808 will put you in touch with Chicago’s leading canine experts, Vom Ragnar German Shepherds.

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